Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Food Jouney - Airplane Food....Part 3

Okay...So I'm on day #3 of the "Food on the road" challenge (Airplane Food...Part 2).

My healthy hotel vittles are starting to disappear (which is good!). I'm still rocking my swamp water and trail mix.  The bananas are now ripe enough to munch on so I felt like the Queen of Banana Land today (Caleb's Corner....King of Banana Land).

If you ever wonder if people are paying attention to you....start doing things that are not considered "normal".  I'm amazed at how many people are paying attention to what I'm eating and drinking on this trip.  Someone is always paying attention. There are voyeurs in every corner of the earth.  Sometimes they bring awareness to their voyeurism and sometimes they don't.  That's why you always have to be real, honest, and true to your inner core.  Be your own life. Of course as your individualism ascends please display therapeutic behavior (be respectful, non judgmental, kind, gentle, gracious, merciful and loving) to those who are not on the same trajectory (The Health Journey - Therapeutic Behavior). Therapeutic behavior makes all the difference in your ability to render a positive influence on other people's journey and lives. what did I eat today??

Breakfast - oatmeal with trail mix
Snack - banana and trail mix
Lunch - taco salad (veggies, black beans)
Snack - 1/4 piece of cake, trail mix, banana
Dinner (another BBQ joint) - baked potato, BBQ trout, spinach salad with pecans and strawberries.  (I also tried a small "burnt end" piece of beef brisket.)
Dessert - NONE!

I think I ate too much at dinner...I'm feeling heavy and drowsy it was either too much food or that little snatch of brisket topped me off in a bad way.

I feel like I splurged a bit at dinner....but it was GOOD!

I took my super duper cayenne and lemon tonic today and drank plenty of swamp water and ginger/red raspberry tea.  The numbness in my arm showed up this morning...but dissipated by early afternoon.

Overall I think I'm doing well.  Better than I have in the past for sure.  I hope I didn't jeopardize too much progress by tonight's dinner!!! :(

Whew! Time to rest!

What is your favorite travel meal?

Remember: Someone is ALWAYS watching!

Peace and blessings!