Monday, July 8, 2013

The Health Journey: The Raw Detox Aftermath.......

Hi folks....

It's been a week post the raw 30 day challenge.  You are probably wondering what I've been doing, what I've been eating....and how I feel. I provided the 13 main lessons learned from the challenge last week and I'm still absorbing the learnings and converting to a new lifestyle.  So far so good!

What I've been doing:
I'm still training for my Duathalon (biking, running, lifting weights).  I've also been using my self control and perseverance muscles to help me through some personal struggles.  I keep thinking about the resolve I had to last 30 FULL DAYS! That blessing is keeping me focused!

What I've been eating:
I've been eating both cooked and raw foods.  I would say most days I've been 75% raw.  They say it takes 21 days to form a habit....I went hard (minus the rebellion) for 30 straight days.  I have definitely formed a habit! A good one at that! Some examples of my meals include:
  • chia porridge with hemp milk, seeds and nuts
  • more bruchetta (this time on veggie pasta)
  • salads (with added rice on occasion)
  • more smoothies and juices
  • mashed potatoes
  • vegetable Pad Thai
  • CHIPS!!! But just enough to wet my appetite.
  • lots of fruit!
  • lots of nuts!
  • chocolate cake (C'mon! It was Independence Day! And it was GOOD! - Big up Xan!)
I have not had: ice cream, SNICKERS!, tons of bread, and a lot of other processed foods.  My taste buds have been slightly reformed.

How I'm feeling:
I noticed a strange thing the other day: I now have a bionic nose and tongue.  My sense of smell and taste are heightened.  For example: I ate slices of conventional and organic apples at the same time and I COULD taste the soap/pesticides on the conventional apple! I have NEVER been able to tell the difference before.  Just call me Super Zahra!

The other thing is that I am way more aware of my body.  The slightest tinge of pain does not go unnoticed.  My libido has also increased! Okay...TMI (too much information)...but you know what? It's true and a great benefit from CLEANING out my system!

So folks - I'm pressing on the upward heights I'm gaining everyday!  Yesterday I overate....and I COULD FEEL IT.  All I ate for the remainder of the day was good ole watermelon (More Watermelon Please!)

Thinking about detoxing?  What program are you going to try??

Peace and blessings!