Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Still Struggling with this FUNGUS!!!

Hi Folks! I thought I had the victory...I really did.  I've been trying the works, because I REALLY want to get rid of this scalp fungus NATURALLY.  I want to stop using non-natural (chemical) substances on every part of my body so I'm pulling out all the stops! At least I thought I was.

I'm feeling defeated because just when my scalp seems to get better..........the fungus comes back with a vengeance!  Take a look:

It's like my whole scalp is coming off!

This is what I've done over the last year:
1. Tea tree oil
2. Apple cider vinegar (worked at first, but then had no effect)
3. Ginger, onions and aloe
4. Black walnut ointment and hull (mix the hull with water, apply to scalp then rinse off) The ointment went on my scalp.

I have to wash my hair once or twice a week due to my fungus friend build up.  Tea tree shampoo works well, and I try to wash my head scarves often.

So now I think it's time to look inside myself and fix this....Literally! We are what we eat/drink right? Our skin/scalp is a reflection of what's inside.  So I have an internal issue with fungus.  All of the topical remedies I've used have stopped working.  It's time to look within.  I need to change my diet and refrain from foods that fungi love. 

But what is a fungi?  Fungus is commonly known as yeast and mold, and can cause an array of issues like allergic reactions, athlete's foot, candida, ring worm and food spoilage.  Fungus can also help provide yummy food and drinks like: bread, soy sauce, beer, wine, kimchee, miso and Quorn.  Mushrooms are fungus. How many of you love mushrooms? 

Moldy strawberry
But don't mistake fungus for bacteria.  They are two very different organisms.
You can only see most bacteria with a powerful microscope and lab equipment, but the effects of a bacterial infection can be felt in a sinus infection, food borne illness or strep throat.  Ever heard of E.Coli????



I posed the question "how do I successfully get rid of my fungus friends?" to a group of herbalists at Natures Has All The Answers on their weekly radio show and the feedback was clear.  Change my diet by eating and drinking foods that fungi hate and clean my blood.  I'm down for another challenge.  Let's call this one the "GET RID OF THIS SCALP FUNGUS FOR GOOD" challenge. 

Stay tuned ya'll! Don't forget to give me some tips and encouragement!

Peace and love!