Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Hair Journey: Tress Update #12

Howdy Folks! I've been juicing up a storm lately and I've neglected my hair posts.  Welp, it's time for another tress update.  It's been a while so I wanted to share my growth progress!

This is the second time I've blown out my hair in an effort to have a bigger afro this year!  Here is where the Flo fro started.  It's lovingly named after Florida Evans the mom from a 1970's sitcom called Good Times.
June 2013
June 2013
September 2013

May 2013 - picked out fro - freshly washed and buttered

May 2013 - Blown out Freddie D fro.

May 2014 - Blown out Freddie D fro (side view)

May 2014 - Blown out Freddie D fro (another side view)

Freddie D blow out - after a full day...I'm looking kind of disheveled but still fabulous!

May 2014 - Side swiped fro

May 2014 - Side swiped fro (side view) with Hair Kandy.

May 2014 - Oh yeah!! I'm loving this fro!!!
 I used the hair pomade that I can't live without and shea butter.  Then I blow dried it, picked it out and shaped it up.  That night I braided it.  The next day I released the braids (which stretched it out further) , carefully picked it out  and styled it.  Note that picking out your hair while dry is not the best thing but I was as gentle as possible!  Do you see all this hair on my head?!? It was quite a task!!! :)  I AM LOVING my HAIR!  I'm so thankful that it's growing well and is so thick!!

Tell me what you think about my latest styles!

Peace and love!




Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Juicing Journey: Detox by Juicing! Reposted....

Good morning!! Since I'm on a juicing kick, I decided to re-post an article I wrote last year about the benefits of juicing (and juice fasting).  Now, I am not doing a juice fast, but the info is still good to keep in mind!


Hi Folks!

Last night I took part in a juicing Q&A session sponsored by Soul Food Therapy, where it is Juicy June Month.  It was great! The guest was Kareen (a dietician) of  I am Eating Right

Have you ever heard of a film called: "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead"? Well it's about a man who cleans up an extremely overweight and unhealthy body by going on a juice fast for 60 days. 

This is what Kareen has done....TWICE!

Juicing for improved health is becoming a fast moving train.   I was enlightened on some things last night that I want to share with you.  As posted in The Juice Journey, I've dabbled in juicing and still make juices now....but I've never tried a juice fast.

Key Points:
1.  9 to 13 servings of fruits and vegetables per day can boost your body's cancer fighting ability.

2. If using juice to replace a meal,  drink 32 ounces.

3. Benefits to juicing: increases energy levels,  you consume more veggies, and you look better (skin, hair and nails).

4. If partaking in a juice fast YOU MUST PREPARE YOUR BODY by eliminating junk (processed foods, caffeine, etc. one to two weeks prior).  And this goes for any type of  detox or cleanse.  (I am a witness!!!)

5. Exercise levels while on a juice fast will depend on you! Also, protein can be added to the juice if necessary.

6. Smoothies and juices are both excellent ways to fuel your body. Note that smoothies contain more fiber and will not give your digestive system a complete rest like juices will.  Juicing removes all insoluble fiber allowing the nutrients to be delivered in an clean, pure format.  There is a higher concentration of nutrients in juice compared to smoothies.

7. Juice fasting can last from one day to 60 days. A one day juice fast can help clease your palate and give your system a rest.

8. Discipline key in following any juicing or detox plan.  Having an accountability partner will help greatly.  It's a challenging experience not just physically but mentally and emotionally.  Personally, when you conquer the task of having self control, you have a deep feeling of accomplishment.  This is how I felt after my airplane food challenge (The Food Journey: Airplane Food).  Succeeding in the last two challenges have boosted my self control and is helping to keep me on track with this new challenge.

The first time Kareen did the 60 day juice fast she lost 40 POUNDS!!!

Because a juice fast is a form of detoxification, some adverse symptoms may rear their ugly heads.  According to Kareen, detox symptoms are the worst on Day 2 through Day 4, and decrease around Day 5.   I can attest to this.  We are on Day #4 of the 30 Day RAW Food Challenge and I have been feeling it!

Luscious Lacinto Kale Juice( Great Juice recipe!)
Grapefruit Mango Smoothie

Happy Juicing!

Peace and Blessings!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Two Week Juice Challenge - Week 2

Hi Folks! The Two Week Juice Challenge is on it's last leg.  But there is a resounding cry to keep it going....so we will!  If you are interested in joining the group please let me know.  We are sharing recipes and encouraging each other to keep living the juicy life!

Here is a testimony from one participant: "I am having fun! I am almost replacing  dinner with a smoothie because I am just not as hungry as I was before but I feel good!! If we are alive then why don't we eat more live food? How can a living body survive on dead food? I am so encouraged to keep going and live!"

That testimony makes me so happy!  I feel the same way.  I've added in smoothies when there is no time for making juice, and for some reason I've been a hungry hungry hippo this week so I've supplemented my juice breakfast with oatmeal twice. 

Here are some of the juices/smoothies I've made this week:

Beet Juice - beets (2 large),  carrots (5), celery (12 ribs), ginger (1 inch) and lemon (1) 

Kiwi Basil smoothie - cucumber (1), banana (1), kiwi (2), orange (2), basil (1/2 bunch)

Mango Delight Juice - mango (2), pineapple (2 cups), honey dew melon (3 cups), orange (2), ginger (2 inches), cucumber (1)

Banging Broccoli Juice - broccoli (1.5 cups), pineapple (1 cup), orange (3), green apple (3), ginger (1inch), kiwi (4), basil (2 stems)

All of the juice has been packed with vitamins and minerals.  The beet juice needed 5 more carrots and the kiwi basil smoothie needed one more banana.  All others were AMAZINGLY TASTY!  I don't like torturing myself with bad tasting healthy food.  Healthy food DOES NOT have to taste bad!

I started having PMS symptoms  this week and to combat the possible hormone imbalance I tried to beef up my mineral intake by adding beets and broccoli to the party. 

What kinds of juices or smoothies have you made this week?

Peace and love!

The Juice Journey - Juicing waste!

Hi Folks!

I've been a juicing maniac these last 10 days.  The two week juice challenge is going SO well, some participants want to go beyond the two week time frame! I'm game and think it's wonderful!!! :)

A question that comes to mind, especially when you juice on a regular basis, is "what can be done with the juicing waste".   The pulp or juicing waste, is a big part of the clean up and is what makes smoothies preferred (less waste and clean up) at times.

There are two things I typically do with my waste or pulp:

1. Put it in baggies, freeze and use for smoothies or
2. Use it for compost.

By far, most of our juicing waste/pulp get's used for compost.

What else can be done with juicing waste?? What do you do with it?

Share your ideas!!

Peace and love!

Friday, May 9, 2014

An apple a day REALLY does keep the doctor away!

Hi Folks! 

Fruit is ESSENTIAL to living a healthy life.  We oftentimes over look fruit for a other sweets that will eventually cause heath problems in one way or another.  Since I've been learning about juicing and doing more of it, my world has opened up to the true benefits of fruit!

Check out the Nutrition Nook on My Faith and Fitness blog to learn more!

Know what this fruit is???
Peace and love!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Two Week Juice Challenge!

Hi Folks!! I've embarked upon yet another challenge! Juicing for two weeks straight!  This is not a juice fast. I repeat: this is not a juice fast.  I will be eating solid food.  But I'll be replacing one meal a day with juice.

I invited others to join the challenge and so far there are about 15 of us! I've realized the importance of juicing and I want to incorporate it into my life...............PERMANENTLY............! There are too many benefits that I don't want to miss out on.

I have friends and family that need some juice in their lives too...so we are juicing it up!! The participants that do not have juicers are making smoothies instead.  Remember folks juicing is a good way to get essential vitamins and minerals into your body. Juicing gives your digestive system a break and can boost your immune system!

Here is what I've been drinking this week (It's quite the rainbow!):

Cucumber Ginger - Cucumber (2), romaine lettuce (1/2 head), green grapes (1 cup), green apples (3), oranges (3), ginger (2 inches), lemon (1/2 with peel)

V7 - Celery (5 ribs), kale (1/2 bunch), carrots (5), tomatoes (4), red bell pepper (1), lemon (1 with peel), ginger (2 inches) -Next time I'll add 5 more carrots to this juice. 

Watermelon Cilantro - watermelon (3 cups), romaine lettuce (1/3 bunch), cilantro (1 bunch), red grapes (2 cups), blackberries (1/2 cup) - This juice was DIVINE!!!!!!! LOVED IT SO MUCH I DIDN'T WANT TO SHARE!
Try the recipes out and tell me what you think!!!

Happy juicing!

Peace and love!