Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Raw Food Land - Not a happy place to be! (30 Day Raw Part 4)

I'm still living in Raw Food Land.

I think I have begun to experience a mental/emotional detoxification that has been linked to the toxins I've been consuming.

Over the last few days, I've had feelings of irritation, anger, low patience and mental fatigue. Raw Food Land has lost it's titillating allure and pleasure.  As I posted, I made it through the water fast and even "liquids only" week (The Water Fast....3 Things I did to Cope).  As solid food was re-introduced to the diet, my mind frame shifted from jubilation and confidence to a place of cravings and displeasure.  I have not given up on the challenge (I've invested too much!!!), but I almost caved today.  It's almost as if my mental stamina is waning.  I've tried to "out smart" my cravings by thinking about what sweet or salty whole food item I can replace with the need for junk food...what is my body really asking for (The Food Journey: Cravings!!!).? So far it's been working.

Maybe I'm getting rid of BRAIN toxins or my attachment to certain foods are coming under attack and I'm subconsciously resisting it!  I feel like a drug addict going through rehab.  I didn't think I was addicted to any foods.  But I do have some undesirable food habits.

I did not cave today.  I filled up with raw almonds and a banana cocoa protein shake (after dinner snack).  I tried to flush out my mental toxins by drinking as much water as possible!! I worked out like a maniac to relieve my tension and was still impatient with Caleb this evening. The glory of making it through the tough "liquids only" week is gone.....

I was FOCUSED for the water fast.... and I need that focus now to complete this challenge.  It's been more than I bargained for and expected....but nothing but growth can come from this experience.  Yes....I am giving myself a pep talk!!! :)

So now, after that soliloquy, let me share with you what I've been eating and drinking:

Day #11 - The water fast (Read about how I coped).

Day #12 - This is the day almond milk was introduced and I became obsessed with it.  Almond milk was for dinner and I combined it with rosemary tea (pictured below).  It was quite tasty.


Day #13 -  I mixed the leftover almond milk with fresh cantaloupe......YUM - MY!!!!! Later that evening green juice was on the menu.  I had a snack of chocolate almond milk which hit the spot. This is the day my feelings of irritation began to surface. My belly/body was satisfied...but my emotions began to turn south.

Breakfast for Day #13 - Cantaloupe - Almond milk
Lunch for Day#13 - Sprout salad (sprouts, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, cranberries, avocado, lemon juice and salt)
Day #14 -  I was feeling even more anxious than the evening before, but was happy fruit was introduced to the plan.

Breakfast and Lunch for Day #14 - fruit salad (blueberries, raspberries, papaya, pineapple, apple, watermelon, cantaloupe, cilantro) and Kale/orange smoothie.  I added nuts and seeds to the fruit salad for lunch.

Day #15 -  I went to the movies and overdosed on POPCORN!! Okay...it was no where near and overdose...but I did have movie popcorn. And more chocolate almond milk.  Cucumber dill salad was on the menu and I bulked up on watermelon.

Cucumber and dill salad

Day #16 - My hunger levels went through the roof today.  All my angst about not being able to eat cooked food (bread, hot soup, chips, Chitpotle) came to a head.  I was emotionally upset.  Green Apple smoothie was for breakfast and sprout salad was for lunch. I had a lunch meeting and ate more salad there....instead of the rolls and jerk chicken that were whispering my name.  Dinner was a broccoli quiche and I followed that up with a banana cocoa protein shake.

Breakfast for Day #16 - Green Apple smoothie (kale, lettuce apples)

Supplement for Day # 16 - Banana Protein shake - (bananas, pumpkin seeds, seasame seeds, hemp seeds, cocao powder, dates, alkaline water, coconut butter, salt, vanilla)

Pray Church!!!!!!!!!!  13 more days to go!!

Peace and blessings (dropped the mic!)