Thursday, June 13, 2013

THE WATER FAST.....3 things I did to cope..

Ya'll would be proud of me!  I survived the water fast with flying colors.  My day was pretty easy and I didn't feel hungry for food AT ALL!  When I wanted something to fill my belly I took out my lemon water.  I even ran 3 miles and lifted weights.  However, I ended up trimming my reps down from 3 to 2 towards the end of the workout...I started feeling a tad bit weak.  But overall pretty energetic!

When I left work the hunger pangs started in on me.  I finally ate some raw chicken noodle soup around 7pm. 
Breakfast, lunch, snack, early dinner......

The water fast breaker - raw "chicken" noodle soup
Then I ate some cantaloupe..........

And I had 3 potato chips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just three though!!! LOL!

I am proud of my accomplishment!  I have never completed ANY fast.  Granted this fast was for one day, but I'm happy about it.

What got me through it? Thanks for asking....

1. I had a made up mind.  I possessed the determination to see the challenge through.  The mind is a POWERFUL tool.

2. I didn't focus on food.  When lunch time hit, I was outdoors (being chased by cicadas - have MERCY!!) going for a run. I avoided even smelling other people's lunch.

3. I had support.  I knew others were doing it with me.  I also was texting a friend throughout the day to keep me laughing.

I know now that I can do ANYTHING I set my mind to DO.

Now I have no excuse to GET IT TOGETHER!! I have shown myself that self determination and self control is available for me to tap into.

Peace and blessings!