Thursday, June 20, 2013

Caleb's Corner: Prince of the Mango Mountains

Another fruit has come on the scene in Caleb's life:  the mango.  The tropical fruit that people love to eat and drink.  I don't know anyone who doesn't like  a voluptuous, sweet and juicy mango!

A few months ago you could not get Caleb to even taste a it's second in popularity to the  banana (King of Banana Land). Personally, I love mangos! There are so many different types.  In my opinion each one has a particular flavor profile and amount of pulp (aka those pesky strings).

I'm pleased that Caleb has entered into a relationship with mangos. Here are 5 reasons why:

1.  Mangos are extremely rich in vitamin A. Eating one 300g mango can provide the RDA for vitamin A.  It has the greatest vitamin A content out of all the fresh fruit.

2. If you need a vitamin C boost, eat a mango! One mango provides 138% of the adult requirement.  Try this when you are sick instead of vitamin C tablets!

3. Vitamin E, what I like to call the "skin oil" is represented well in mangos.  It can provide 33% of the daily requirement.

4. Having skin issues? Go get some mangos quick! It has been cited that vitamin A deficiencies produce dryness and scaling...mangos can combat that by hydrating and toning the skin (VERY GOOD for Caleb's eczema issues (Bye Bye Eczema!). 

5. Mangos are beneficial to the circulatory system and should be included in your diet if you suffer from poor circulation (my hand is raised!..... I need to eat more mangos!!!!!)

After learning about these excellent properties...I'm all for Caleb being the Prince of the Mango Mountains!

Peace and blessings!!