Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Hair Journey....more coping skills!

Hi Folks!

My fabulous growing tresses have been molded into a closer replica of a Mohawk! I love it!

I blew it out to get enough length to braid....then I twisted the rest of it! Love it!!! I'm so excited about my new do!

The pictures below show the "released" version.  I felt a bit like Coolio with the straight twists. Plus releasing the twists gives more body to the style.

As usual there have been looks and comments about the new look....most of which have been extremely positive.  If I may be transparent, I am a tad bit concerned about this not being a "professional" look.  I work in corporate America and although things are relaxed (people come to work in jeans and sneakers...maybe a spandex skirt here or there)....I still feel a bit strange rocking such a radical (Afrocentric) style.  My faux-hawk from last week was "boss approved"....but I don't know....

Yes...this means I've been brainwashed....just a little....but I do believe in looking the "part" while you are in the workplace.  I've never straightened my hair for a job interview since I've been natural. I've always worn it, in it's natural state.  But I've never had this style before.........

Well....the braids are NOT coming out...sooooo....I'll just see what kind of response I get! :)

I'm walking on the wild side!!

What do you think about my new look?

Peace and blessings!