Thursday, June 6, 2013

30 Day Raw Food CHALLENGE!.....(Part 2)

Hi Folks! Today is Day #5 of my 30 Day Raw Food Challenge.  So far it has been a roller coaster (yes...only after 5 days.....)!  Today was the best day of the challenge so far in terms of how I've been feeling.  Let me update you on the last 5 days:

Day #1 - This day was awesome! I ate well.  Had a lot of water and fruit and felt really good.  I didn't miss anything from my previous diet and had no cravings.  Check out my previous post for what I ate that day (30 Day Raw Food Challenge Part 1). 

Day #2 - I had a headache and felt very HUNGRY....all day long, even after I ate.  So I supplemented the meal plan provided by Herbal Bush House with fruit (apples and blueberries). 

Dinner on Day #2 - Red pepper stuffed with gazpacho (I ate two of these with a mango lassi)
Day #3 - Things started turning ugly. I had really bad stomach pain followed by diarrhea....ALL DAY LONG.  Based on what was happening at work this week, I could not afford to take a sick I suffered through it...praying (literally) that there would be no "accidents".  Have Mercy!! Along with the sharp stomach pains, nausea started to set in and that evening my legs felt achy and I was absolutely drained/exhausted.  I felt like I had the flu! Every time I ate I felt I didn't eat much on Day #3.

Day #4 - The stomach pain and diarrhea continued.  I had very low energy and felt down emotionally.  Later that evening the nausea began to lift along with the stomach pains.

Dinner on Day #4 - Zucchini pasta with tomato sauce and fresh oregano (This was yummy!)

Day #5 - I woke up feeling MUCH better! No stomach pains, no diarrhea and the nausea is gone! Thank God! Whew!

Lunch for Day #5 - The Incredible Hulk salad (spinach, cilantro, kale, avocado, green onion, pear, cranberries,  hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds -- dressed with lime juice and salt) This was an awesome salad!

Every day I tried to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I stayed hydrated with my swamp water (Airplane Food Part 2) and added a smoothie and fruits and nuts when necessary.  Today (Day #5) I had no desire to eat dinner at all.  I think it was the Incredible Hulk salad (pictured above).

Swamp water - mint, limes, blueberries and ginger (Dee-lish!)
Five days down.....twenty-five to go!

Are there any detox experiences you've had that you are willing to share? I'm ALL ears!! :)

Peace and blessings!