Monday, June 3, 2013

30 Day Raw Food CHALLENGE!......(Part 1)

Hi Folks!

It's time for another self induced challenge! For the next thirty (30) days I will be consuming 100% raw food.  RAW? Yes....raw.  No food that I will consume will be baked, broiled, fried, boiled, sauteed, or braised.  Instead it will be diced, chopped, blended, pureed, sliced and eaten in it's natural state (Raw Sausage? You're asking for food poisoning....). 

This challenge falls into the  DETOXIFICATION bucket due to the nature of the food and the break my liver will get from not consuming highly processed food (The Health Journey: Detoxification). 

My expectations/goals are:
1. To have more energy due to the living food I'll be eating.
2. To expand my knowledge of raw food and enjoy new food and recipes.
3  Improve my elimination (TMI!!!)
4. To loose a little thigh jiggle and increase muscle.

This challenge is being sponsored by Herbal Bush House (Herbal Bush House - 30 Day Raw/Real Food Challenge).  One of the really cool things about this challenge is that Herbal Bush House provides a daily menu and weekly shopping lists so you don't have to rack your brain to figure out what to eat.  It's all provided for you.  Now, of course you can free style any recipe and make it to your liking (that's what I'm going to do). It's also a group challenge so I am not alone! :) The other good thing is that 30 - 50% of my daily meals for the last 3 months have been raw (Raw Burrito! and The almost raw lunch).  So it appears that I will only have to change a few habits to make it through this challenge.

I don't think I'll become a "raw foodist" after this, but I'm looking forward to the positive changes I am sure to experience. 

Raw food has become a movement and there are  people (called raw foodists) who have cited this way of living as the only way to have a truly healthful diet.  I agree, that eating food in it's natural state is better for you. We are alive, so our food should be too!  But I must admit....I really like bread....and an occasional piece of fish or chicken...and that's where the struggle is! Note that your dietary habits equate to a specific lifestyle. We are what we eat! Food is a huge part of every culture, it's hard to separate how you eat from how you live.

What do I have to eliminate?
1. Dairy
2. Meat
3. Drugs/alcohol (which I do not consume anyway)
4. All processed foods (included breads and chips)
5. Anything that has been heat treated under extreme conditions (cooked, baked, pasteurized, etc.)

What can I eat?
1. Nuts and seeds
2. Fruits and vegetables
3. Fresh smoothies and juices
4. Dehydrated foods
5. Legumes (if prepared properly).
6. Anything else considered "RAW"

What I feel will be challenging to stop or give up
1. My late night snacking choice of chips or crackers......just a small amount though! :)
2. Bread
3. An occasional cookie or two!

Also - don't worry about how I'll get enough fat and protein....seeds, nuts, fruits (like avocado) are packed with good fats and protein.

Today was DAY #1 and I know you can't wait for me to tell you what I ate! So here it goes......

Grapefruit Mango Smoothie (protein powder and seeds added for a protein punch)
Silken Carob shake (made with coconut)
Silken Carob Shake
Grapefruit Mango Smoothie

Nut/Seed Sushi (white mixture is garlic, coconut, hemp seeds and spices)

NONE! I was so full...I had no desire for dinner.  But if I had eaten dinner it would have been a salad.

Snacks: Watermelon

I'm excited for what is to come!

I'll be updating the blog on my progress every 5 days...or more if I'm feeling extra inspired!

It's not too late to join the challenge!

Peace and blessings!