Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Hair Journey: The Flo Fro gets a break.......

Good evening folks!

Today was the warmest day in the year for my region (over 90 degrees Fahrenheit).  The change in temperature spurred a need for me to change some things as well.  Namely my hair style!

I've been rocking the "wash and go" and Flo Fro for almost three months now (Tress Update #3).  The time has come for a CHANGE!  Can I get a witness somebody?? 

Tonight I returned to my old twisting ways, by putting two-stranded tiny twists in my hair.  I like the change, but admit I do not miss sitting for an hour or more twisting my hair.  As my arms and fingers began to "talk to me", I had flash backs of sitting in the most comfortable chair I owned (at the time) watching television, wondering why I decided to twist my hair so small....mind you this was around hour number 3 with potentially 2 more hours to go! Have mercy! I sat for an hour and 20 minutes tonight.  Not bad in comparison with the past!  :)

Dare I ask what you think? :)

Two-stranded tiny twists - side view

Front view