Monday, May 6, 2013

The Food Journey: Airplane Food...Part 1

This week I'm traveling for business.......eating right while traveling has always been my nemesis.  In the past I used traveling as an excuse to eat ABSOLUTELY WHATEVER I WANTED! :)  As my travel began to pick up eating whatever I wanted became a problem! Whenever you travel your life program changes...your sleep pattern changes, your eating patterns change, your bowel movements may get altered by the change in environment...oh and your exercise patterns can also shift or become non-existent.

I'm on the road again and I am still on my 30-Day dry brush challenge (Small Brush...Large Impact).  So I'm in detox mode.  What I did not want to do on this trip was add more toxins to my body, thereby disrupting my new relationship with Mr. Detox.

One thing I didn't do however was PREPARE for the type of diet I needed to have while on the road. There was too much going on at home before I left...I felt like a crazy lady! I packed 1 hour before leaving for the airport so I forgot some key items needed from home to ensure a healthy trip.

So what food am I going to eat before, during and after my airplane ride (to and from my destination)??

I got in late last night and HAD to go to the nearest grocery store to get some "supplies".   Mind you I was SO HUNGRY and there was a McKee Dee's on every corner with OPEN lights on in the windows! Fresh french fries!!!  Have Mercy!

I had two issues to find solutions for:
1 - Find herbs/food to help increase my circulation
2 - Find food to eat during the day while working

Circulation woes:
I mentioned in earlier posts that I've struggled with circulation issues for the last few months and actually for the last 10 years or so (with out knowing).  More recently my arms and fingers are "falling asleep" while my body is at rest....last night my arm was numb for almost 3 hours.... and I'm having a repeat experience tonight.  Its the same sensation I experienced with my left leg when I used to do a lot of long distance driving.

So what did I get at the store to help?  Cayenne pepper, ginger (tea, capsules and powder), fresh garlic and nutmeg powder.  I made a solution of what listed above and drank it last night before retiring. 

This morning I  made vitamin water with:  nutmeg, blackberries, ginger, lemon and mint to drink throughout the day.  I also drank ginger tea (with red raspberry) for half of the day. 

Tonight I drank a super duper solution of cayenne pepper, lemon and water.  I'm praying all will be
well in the morning.

Vitamin water - lemon, nutmeg, ginger, blackberries (on bottom) and mint (at the top)

Food to eat while working:
While working away from the home office, there is always some sort of tempting treat to much on ALL DAY LONG!

I was visited this morning by my friends the Dunkin Donut munchkins (The Food Journey: Cravings!!). Lunch was a heavy Italian offering of pasta (alfredo, lasagna, stuffed shells), chicken, bread and salad.  Dinner with colleagues was at a BBQ joint serving succulent beef brisket!

So here I am...the Pizza Lady (The Food Journey: Eating Out) being put to the test! As I mentioned before Mr. Detox and I have started a great relationship and I do not want to jeopardize it by frolicking with munchkins and a bunch of cheese!

So today I was armed with "hotel" made trail mix from pumpkin seeds, granola, almonds, cashews, and cranberries.  I had a baggie of baby carrots, an apple and plenty of vitamin water and tea to curb my desire to frolic.

Hotel made trail mix (pumpkin seeds, cashews, almonds, granola, cranberries)

I will admit I did eat two (2!) munchkins (one in the morning and one in the afternoon).  For lunch I had a ton of salad, two stuffed shells and one piece of bread. For dinner (at the BBQ joint) I ate a green salad, a taste of potato salad and I couldn't resist a swig of sweet tea. 

Over all I feel pretty good about my eating performance today. I ate almost all the trail mix, my apple and filled myself up with vitamin water and tea.  While everyone else was expressing their "stuffed" feeling after all the BBQ they consumed...I felt light as air and was able to exercise an hour after dinner.

Of course I received comments on my water, my apple, and my SALAD at the BBQ joint! But it's all good and most of the comments were positive and inquisitive. Peer pressure is something serious. Standing apart and not following the crowd is a powerful witness and testimony. I readily explained what I was eating and drinking but did not do it to make a scene or draw attention to my food choices.  It's interesting what people notice when the status quo is challenged.

Tomorrow I plan to do even better.  There is always a better choice no matter what restaurant or site you end up visiting. Most hotels are armed with refrigerators and hot water, so you can pick up a few items so you can eat better while on the road.  But just like everything else worth doing: it takes more time and extra work.  But it's worth it.  Your body temple will thank you for it!

I have decided that I am not detoxing in vain!! So I have to pull it together and handle business! This week is actually a good challenge for me to break the "traveling habit" of poor eating.  I've been doing better this year (2013), but I've never traveled while being in a relationship with Mr. this week is going to put me on another level.

Some of the goodies from the late night grocery trip

Onward I press!!
I know I can!
I know I can!
I will!

Peace and blessings!