Thursday, May 2, 2013

Detoxification: Small brush...large impact!

So as posted in The Health Journey: Detoxification - The Body, I started a personal 30 day challenge to dry brush my skin.  This activity is supposed to activate and energize my lymphatic system, help detoxify my skin and increase circulation thereby removing cellulite. 

I have made it to day #10 and I'm going to share my experience (1/3 of the way) with you guys because I was (and still am) quite alarmed by how I started to feel a few days ago.

On day #4 I began to feel small twinges of nausea.  I didn't think anything about it, but on day #6 my throat started hurting like I was coming down with a cold (and I had just got over one) so I was getting concerned.  At the same time my throat started hurting, my right knee started tightening up...feeling a little funny.  By day #8 I could not walk properly and without pain.  I had to stay in bed and could barley bend my leg.  On Tuesday (day #9) the nausea took over and was accompanied by diarrhea (I know...TMI!) I was thinking: "What in the world is wrong with me????"

The DETOXIFICATION process was taking effect.   And that's actually what was RIGHT with me!

The detoxification process consists of hidden toxins being set free in your body by the help of some agent (tea, foods, steam, sweat, etc.).  Once they are released from their hiding places they must be eliminated.  Your body can react to the freed toxins by having multiple symptoms that include: nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, body aches, acne, and more. It's parallel to a drug addict going through physical and chemical rehab. 

Who would have thought simple dry brushing could turn my body upside down??

Instead of quenching my symptoms with more toxins (pain pills, over the counter ointments, etc.) I treated myself with natural remedies as follows:

1. For the sore throat - tea with honey and Super Tonic (Natural Cold Remedies)

2. For the painful knee - Swelling and Sprain salve, Bone Flesh and Cartilage oil and White Willow Bark (all created by Herbal Bush House) and a hot bath with Epsom salts, lavender and Ylang Ylang oils.

I must add that I've struggled with knee pains since college and I find it interesting that during this detoxification process the very thing I've struggled with for years begins to hurt! Maybe that's been the problem all along...toxins have been stored in my knees!??!

3. For the nausea and diarrhea - bananas (King of Banana Land), dry crackers, Probiotic and Gut Buster Pro (also by Herbal Bush House).  I felt like I was back in my first trimester of pregnancy yesterday! Double whew!!!

I'm happy to report, on day #10 (today) my knee is pain free and the sore throat is gone, but I'm still having twinges of nausea and a bit of the bubble guts.  Natural remedies really DO help!  I spoke to someone at work today about this and she experienced similar symptoms after completing a foot detox.  I heard another story about a guy, while doing a  fruit and vegetable cleanse cited ill effects for two weeks that was followed by an increased level of energy and health.  After this morning, I started feeling a little better about my experience but I must admit, I feel even more trepidation about the liver cleanse.  Maybe this challenge will prep my body for the big hug and kiss I'm going to give my liver!!! Yikes!!! I mean...Yay!!

Sprain and Swelling Salve (check out the ingredients)

For pain - most pain medication is extracted from the bark of the white willow!

Probiotics, Bone Flesh and Cartilage Oil, Gut Buster Pro (helps elimination and used in colon cleansing kits)

In spite of all the ill effects, I am determined to complete my self induced challenge.  This suffering will NOT be in vain! It's for the betterment of my God given temple! 

Twenty more days to go! Pray church!!

Anybody else doing some sort of detox or cleanse?? Please! Share your experiences!!

Peace and blessings!