Monday, May 20, 2013

The Food Journey: Spicy Cucumbers!

As summer ramps up I've found a great snack to keep me cool...or spicy....or cool and spicy!!! I loved eating cucumbers growing up.  My mother said I started eating them as a baby and they remain one of my favorite vegetables.

I figured cucumbers were a healthy offering due to it's high water content and for the simple fact that it's a vegetable.  What I didn't know was that cucumbers are good for a variety of  physical ailments and conditions. 

Here are a few that are key to my Journey:
1. Relieves Joint pain (due to the silica content which helps strengthen connective tissue)
2. Reduces baggy eyes
3. Relives arthritic pain (due to it's vitamin and mineral content)
4. Stimulates hair growth (due to the sulphur and silica content)
5. Keeps you cool (due to the high water content)

I usually eat them plain (either cut up or whole), but last week I started creating some really yummy "spicy cucumber" recipes.

Here is the basic recipe that you can free style according to your desired taste profile or mood:

cucumbers (sliced any shape and thickness)
cayenne pepper (powder)
fresh garlic (chopped or grated)
fresh ginger (grated)
salt (to taste)
fresh cilantro (or any other green herb)
something sweet (oranges, apples, mangoes, etc).
fresh lemon juice (a small squeeze)

Mix all ingredients in a bowl to desired taste profile.  Let the mixture sit to allow the flavors to mingle. Timing is up to you. Note: the longer the flavors mingle the better it will taste. Five to thirty minutes is what I stick to.

Today I used mandarin oranges for my "something sweet"....and used less cayenne pepper (I like spicy... but no too SPICY!) The fresh garlic and ginger gives your digestive system a hug and a kiss.  The cayenne pepper is stimulating to every cell in your body and cilantro is a good detoxifier.  Based on all the goodies in this dish I considerate it to be a "super snack"...with exploding flavor and so many health benefits. You can't go wrong with this one! I'll also add that this snack is alive and Caleb approved! :)

Spicy Cucumbers!

Peace and blessings!