Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Food Journey: Airplane food....Part 2

Hi Folks!

It's day 2 of my "Food on the road" challenge (Airplane Food Part 1).

Anyone else struggle with eating right while traveling on business??  Tell me about your experience!

Today my vitamin water was given the nick name of "swamp water" by my colleauges.  It was a popular topic for discussion today.  Again....it provides a platform to expose others to alternatives.  In a room where everyone is drinking sodas and coffee all day...I'm drinking tea, swamp water and eating trail mix.  Today's vitamin I mean swamp water contained: cilantro, lemon, blackberries, nutmeg and ginger. 

So what else did I consume today?

Breakfast - oatmeal and hotel made trail mix
Snack - apple and trial mix
Lunch - tuna fish sandwich with a pickle
Snack - 1/4 of a cookie
Dinner (an Italian joint) - house dinner salad and bruchetta ( the fresh garlic, tomatoes and basil was quite good!)
Dessert - APPLE PIE!!!!!!!!!!!! and it was hmmm hmmm good! A little splurge wont hurt right? And it went down so gooooooooood!!!!!!!

I'm happy to report my arm has not felt numb all day. I'm tired, but feeling good.  Hopeful for a new day and another chance to take my Journey to a higher level.

This morning I made another super duper cayenne pepper and lemon water tonic....I think I added too much pepper because my stomach kicked me in the gut a few times........Once recovered...I was good!

Super Duper pepper and lemon tonic
It felt easier than yesterday to make better choices....but the food choices were not as un-healthy as yesterday...so I didn't feel like I had to make a "hard" choice.  My friends the munchkins didn't show up so my sweet cravings felt at bay.  So do I really crave those things or do I just want what I see??? The mind is a powerful thing!  If we focus on good things (better food, better drinks, healthy living) we can make strides in the right direction easier than if we are distracted by the "munchkins" that show up wanting to play.  

Day 3 coming up!! :)

What are your struggles with food while traveling?

Peace and blessings!