Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sleeping Beauty

Good Night Folks (like my Caribbean bretheren would say) -

I am really tired today.  I ran a few miles (first time in months) and my body is asking me: WHY? WHY? WHY?

I have to get ready for a duathalon I signed up for months ago.  Due to the knee pain I started having a few weeks ago, I stopped running.  Now it's time to rev up my running engines! I pushed myself today and my body is telling me to go to sleep.

knee pain! uggggh!!

Have you been getting sufficient sleep lately?  In the article The Health Journey: Why are you still awake? I list ways to promote good sleep habits and a restful environment to help you wind down.

Some of the techniques in that article have really helped me!  Since I'm revving up my running engines I must get the proper rest.  It's the only way for my body to truly rejuvenate and heal in preparation for the duathalon.

Lately, I've put more emphasis on my eating habits and the substances I'm putting on my skin, and the same emphasis is needed for improving my sleeping habits. 

Sleeping Beauty was called that because sleep promotes beauty (inside and out)!

I'm going to sleep folks! Gotta get my beauty rest!

Peace and blessings!