Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Food Journey: Airplane food...Part 5

Honey! I'm hooooooome!!!!

Day #5 of my on the road food challenge is officially over (Airplane food...Part 4)!

No more "airplane" food for at least a few weeks.

I feel good about the food choices I made this week.  I really used self control to keep myself from disrupting the relationship I've formed with Mr. Detox.  There were times that I did indulge (Airplane Food....Part 2), but nothing extreme to the point of feeling guilty. I proved to myself that self control does indeed exist and can be metered out when you are ready for the next step in life.  It takes some effort, but you have to prepare yourself to make good choices.  Do not rely on the outside world to have a great salad or fruit bowl waiting for you.  You have to make it happen even if it means going to the grocery store and picking up healthy snacks for your trip. My experience this week with abstaining from unhealthy food, opened my eyes to the amount of junk we put in our bodies on a daily and weekly basis.  Diet Coke, Mountain Dew, cookies, crackers, chips....all of which contain toxins and empty calories.  So the goal was to replace the desire for all of the above by eating more whole, nutritious food.  It worked.  I was successful in eating more good stuff while on the road! Mission accomplished!

Preparing to make better choices, executing those choices  and exhibiting self control is key to success in life.....not just in eating better.  Think about it: if you can prepare, execute and have control of yourself you can overcome ANY OBSTACLE that shows up! Getting through school, a demanding job, a tough marriage, and the list can go on! What do you need to overcome?  I will definitely be using this airplane food experience to catapult me into a new phase of this Journey! I have proven that I CAN be in control of my diet in spite of the temptation at my fingertips.  I WILL use this lesson in other areas of my life! Whew! I'm excited!

Okay so enough with all the chatter! I know you are wondering what I ate here it goes:

Breakfast - oatmeal with trail mix, banana and black berries
Snack - 2 bananas
Lunch - baked potato and 1 roll
Snack - 2.5 cookies! - slight indulgence!
Dinner - I flew in and out of a very small airport.  The only thing they had in the gate area to eat was pre-packaged deli sandwiches junk food and whole fruit. So I ate an apple, pop-chips, an orange, and a few sweet potato tortilla chips. Not the greatest dinner, but I stayed away from the junk! When I started reading the ingredients on those sandwiches, I just couldn't bring myself to purchase one.

I rolled with the swamp water and ginger/red raspberry tea and drank my cayenne lemon tonic again today.  The swamp water was less swampy (no greens or nutmeg...just lemons).  Sure enough there was a comment made about the state of my water: "Hmmm...where's the swamp?? No nutmeg or mint today! Just lemons? You are slipping!"

Remember folks: when you start behaving or making choices that are outside of the norm, people WILL pay attention.  Some let you know...and some don't. 

My hope is that you will make better food choices in your day to day Journey.  Will power and self control are powerful tools to help you do this.  Think about what your body needs to stay or to get healthy.  Fill up your body with those substances and remove the other stuff that does not do a body good.

If Zahra Eat a Large Pizza Alone (The Food Journey: Eating out) can do it, I know you can too!

What do you think?

Some of the good stuff I ate this week!

 Peace within!