Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Have you ever been running and twisted your ankle?  I have! More than once.  This one particular time it wasn't bad so I kept running.  Then I fell...I twisted my other ankle and I fell.  I stayed on the ground for a while...my ankle was throbbing.  I began to have flash backs of when I sprained my ankle years ago and couldn't walk for a while.  My running partner asked me: "Does it hurt? Can you move it?"  I tried to move it and I could....I was helped up and began to walk....then I began to run...the pain subsided...it wasn't as bad as expected.  After the run as we were walking, the question was raised: "How's your ankle"?  I replied: "It's fine...if it can be moved, I need to move it.  It should be moved...."

Later on that day I was thinking about those words..."if it can be moved, I need to move it"....I related this experience to life's hardships.  We twist our ankles and sometimes even fall in the course of life.  Pain ensues.  Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot....so what do we do?  Do we move, then get up, then walk, then start running again?  What that day showed me was sometimes our bodies (mind, hearts, souls) are more resilient and stronger than we think.  Because my ankle could move, I moved it...which allowed me to get back to my run....and to the Journey.

If your heart is broken but still beats... it can heal, grow and be given away again.  If your  mind is tired and drained with all kinds of thoughts (good and bad) but you can still think...then think of a better way, challenge yourself to think of improvements to make.  If your soul is scarred but can still breathe....then breathe into a new soul stirring experience.

We must take our twists, sprains and falls and determine what still works, moves and lives.  We have to capitalize on what still works, moves, and lives so that we can re-direct ourselves from the mis -  management of  roadblocks that come in the form of trials, pain and discomfort.  When we don't use the proper tools to overcome these roadblocks the realization of how strong we really are never occurs.
If it can move, move it...keep it moving away from selfishness, digression, self -doubt, little faith, insecurity, low self esteem, pride, denial, anger, away from the crowd and ultimate self destruction....see things for what they really are.  Open up and accept life's path and God's purpose for you.  Activate the tools to get you through...to enable you to keep moving.

Ready.....set......GO!  Sky is the limit!

Sky is the limit!!!

Peace and blessings!