Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Multi-purpose Chinese Apple

Hi Folks! Chinese apples.....AKA...POMEGRANATES are back in season and can be found in most grocery stores now.  My husband loves them and more recently I've grown to enjoy the fruit as well.  This fruit has so many benefits, eating one will serve many purposes and nourish many areas of your body. 
Chinese Apple...aka..Pomegranate

1. The pomegranate is originally from the near east.  It is grown in Iran, Turkey, Mediterranean countries, Brazil and California.
2.  Arab people promoted the cultivation of this fruit, giving it royal symbolism.
3. King Solomon compared the cheeks of his beloved to the pomegranate 3,000 years ago.

8 Health benefits:
1. Rich in vitamins - C, E, B6, B1, B2 and niacin
2. High in antioxidants - anthocyanins are the reddish or bluish pigments that act as antiseptic and anti-inflammatory substances in the digestive tract.  They can also effect the ageing process and have anti-caner properties.
3. Can alkalize the body.
4. Can help protect the arteries from aging/clogging (arteriosclerosis) due to vitamins C and E.
5. The levels of potassium allow this fruit to combat high blood pressure.
6. Can help fight anemia due to it's high iron content.  It can enrich and nourish the blood.
7. The white casing that covers the seeds and walls contain a substance called vermifuge that helps eliminate intestinal parasites.
8. It's a great morning snack and a good alternative to sugary foods.

Whew! Those 8 benefits alone should make everyone run out buy some pomegranates!
Plus when you get a REALLY good one....woooo wee! The rich, juicy flavor is amazing!

How to eat the Pomegranate:
I "release" the seeds from the casing/walls and chew everything up! Some will just suck the juice from the seeds and spit the seeds out...that's too much work for me! Others I know will eat everything but the skin (the walls, seeds and white casing).  The walls are too bitter for me.

How I like to eat the Pomegranate...

How do you eat the pomegranate?

Peace and blessings!

1. The Encyclopedia of Food and Their Healing Power - Volume 2 - Dr. Pamplona Roger