Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Detoxification: UPDATE!!

Hi Folks!

I am now on Day 24 of my dry brush challenge (The Health Journey: Detoxification - The Body).  I am pleased to say that the detox symptoms I experienced in the first 15 days have disappeared and have not re-surfaced (Detox: Small Brush...Large Impact).
Here's how the last 14 days have been:

Day 11 - I had upper back pain that lasted for about a day.

Day 14 – My left arm began to tingle and get quite stiff.  This happened on and off for about 5 days.  

Day 19 - The arm tingling stopped.

Day 20 – The arm tingling came back.

Days 21 to 24 – No adverse symptoms to speak of. 

Any other changes?

I have noticed that my skin (overall) is smoother and softer.  I have noticed a slight decrease of cellulite on my thighs.  Cellulite is a form of restricted circulation….so it makes sense that I have other circulation issues.  I think I have a body wide circulation issue and I have to figure out the root cause.  I’m hoping that the dry brushing has helped my lymphatic system get energized.  Overall, I don’t think my energy levels have soared but I’m feeling good.

What’s next?

1. I'm going to continue the dry brushing for another 30 days (I want beach ready thighs!!)

2. I’m going to start a liver flush on 5/27/13 sponsored by Empressive Vitality (Liver Flush by Empressive Vitality) check out the posted link for more information.

3. I’m going to couple the liver flush with a 30-day Raw Food challenge sponsored by Herbal Bush House (Herbal Bush House 30-Day RAW Food Challenge).   Why am I doing two challenges at once??? Well, the challenges are compatible because you have to clean up your diet while on the liver flush it makes sense.  I’m looking forward to maintaining my relationship with Mr. Detox. We’ve come a long way and  I’m getting used to his companionship!

Let's get ready for the beach!!! :)

I’ll keep you posted!

Anybody else in the middle of a detox or about to start one??

Peace and blessings!