Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Food Journey - Cravings!!!

I just got over a cold and I'm sill getting the occasional sinus headache.  Today I had to run some errands and I found myself in a strip mall that had a Dunkin Donuts and a bread shop that sells FUNYUNS (yes...the onion flavored corn rings!!)  I had an immediate desire for cake donuts (plain or with powdered sugar) and FUNYUNS!!

Now let me back up a little bit.  A few years ago...I had an extremely bad sinus infection.  I could not see straight for the pain! I had a serious craving for McDonald's.  My boyfriend at the time (now my husband) refused to bring me what I craved.  Eventually he caved and brought me a meal from McDonald's.  IT WAS THE WORST MEAL I'VE EVER HAD! It did not make me feel better.  The fries were old and stale, the sandwich was like was GROSS!

Honestly speaking:  if I was not getting over a cold I probably would have caved and got the biggest bag of Funyuns and ate a set of 24 munchkin donuts in one sitting (I didn't want to jeopardize my healing).  Remember -  this is coming from the woman who ate an entire pizza on her own a few weeks ago (The Food Journey - Eating Out)! Hey! Maybe that's why I got sick! LOL! The funny thing with the pizza is after I ordered it I didn't want it....but after it arrived it was like Thanksgiving!

I eat pretty well on a regular basis (and it's getting better)...but when I have a craving for something I can go off the deep end (clearly!). 

Part of tonight's dinner - Asian salad (red and green cabbage carrots, sprouts, orange bell pepper, green onions, dill, amazing ginger dressing)

But what's wrong with eating things you have a hankering for?  Everything is good in moderation right? I agree moderation is key but I also think that some stuff we should just not consume.  Why would I eat fries that taste like cardboard after they've cooled down?  That means they probably ARE cardboard.  Why would I want cardboard in my precious system?  As for the Funyuns...I'm certain they are made with corn that was genetically modified (GMO) which I don't want in my precious system either!

I would have tastier fries if I made them myself.  Which is what I'm going to do about the donuts...make them myself.  I'm certain the ingredients will be better and better for me. As I left the strip mall I had a vision of me creating my own gluten, dairy, egg, nut free donut.  Hmm Hmm! I can't wait to construct this recipe!

But don't our cravings mean our bodies need what we are craving for? If I'm craving something salty...then my body must need salt right? Or is it that I think I need salt, but I'm really lacking a specific mineral that performs like salt in my body? So instead of eating Funyuns I could drink a cup of high mineral tea.  Then I haven't eaten the senseless calories and GMO food, and the need has been quenched. It's something to ponder.  If I want something sweet instead of reaching for my favorite snicker bar, I could eat an apple or mango or grapes.  I get more nutrition from those alternatives and have satisfied the craving for something sweet.  These types of substitutions go along way but sometimes you just want the empty, GMO, salt or sweet laden food.  I know I do, but I can honestly say I'm improving and I think it's because I'm eating better food and nourishing my body along the way.  The result is that my cravings have decreased.  

Can our eating habits turn into cravings??  Like coffee...or chips. If both are a  regular part of our daily process why would'nt our bodies ask for it?  Maybe our bodies acquire dependencies on certain food substances.  Even the bad ones like refined sugar and artificial flavors and colors.  Like drugs.

I finally left the strip mall, went home and ate some homemade lentil and rice soup and an English muffin with Earth's Balance spread, honey and cinnamon.  It hit the spot.  I had a some salt in the soup...and some sweet on the English muffin and I was in good shape.

My goal is to continue to eat and drink things that give my body what it needs and to politely decline offers for donuts and Funyuns (and whole pizzas for that matter!). 

Cravings are a part of life but I want to make sure my cravings are not a sign of a particular deficiency.  If they are, I want to get make sure I address the issues and fix the problems.  Remember (I'm talking to myself too) there is always a better alternative to junk food.  Even if we crave it....we can train our bodies to crave the good stuff.  Food that will help us live a better life.  We are what we eat!

The good stuff!

What are you thoughts??

Peace and blessings!