Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Hair Journey: Tress Update #2

Hi Folks!

It's time for another tress update.  I'm also happy to report my mother cut off her locks today and is rocking a 3.5 inch fro! Go Mommy!!! :) Looking good sista!!

She was asking about products to use and I found an awesome website today called Natural Hair Community.  There is a section that provides great natural recipes for various hair conditions and ailments.  You can eat 90% of what is listed! I will be using this site as a reference for sure! back to my update.

Here it is...the picked out official fro.  I'm not sure how I feel about the top being so much longer than the sides...Not sure if I should get it shaped up so that it's evenly distributed or just continue to let it grow.  I'm also thinking about braids with weave or twists (just my hair).  I have an appointment with my barber/stylist tomorrow to enlist some help.

The fro...check out the hair coming over my ears! That's growth baby!

Side view of the fro

This morning I used the curly cream I referenced in an earlier post (The Hair Journey: Tress Update) from Taliah Waajid (pictured below) , but it didn't take to my hair very well.  I kinda felt like Django Unchained today.  I had a partial curl pattern.  I should have just picked it out and rocked the fro at work today.

I'm pleased with the growth and girth (it's quite thick).  I'm also noticing how un-curly my hair really is.  It's kind of frizzy with a lot of straight pieces here and there.  I'm not sure what texture rating I have and I'd rather not put a  label on my hair.  I am free! Maybe I'm still traumatized by our hair history. 

Oh...I also tried the golden blond henna.  There was absolutely no change in my hair color.  It was disappointing but at least I tried it.

My friend cancelled on me (shame on her!!) so we have not had our product sharing session.  But I'm happy to report that another friend has decided to say no to the creamy crack (relaxer) and has started her natural hair journey. 

I want to hear back from you guys.  Any suggestions on what I could do with my hair???

Peace and blessings!!