Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Hair Journey: Coping Skills.....

Ok folks - I decided to try a wrap style to help cope with my growing locks.  I used an authentic Kente cloth wrap from Ghana courtesy of my parents. Actually..... I'm not even sure they know I have it!!...ooops! :)

Wrapping up my hair is how I would cope (turn a bad hair day into a good one) when my longer tresses were out of control.  I'm so glad it works for the shorter look too!  There was a bit of difficulty finding the "right" wrap style because there was no hair to use as an anchor. 

Side view
Front view
Back view

I must admit I'm toying with coloring my hair.  I'm getting a little antsy for a new look....I tried using Henna (burgundy) on my hair a few months ago but the color did not show.  Then I bought a blond colored version and have not tried it yet.  I'm trying to stay away from everything synthetic.  Nothing lifts black hair like peroxide but I'm going to stay strong and stick with the Henna.....or stay au naturale!!
Making Kente Cloth #1 - Kumasi Ghana (B. Colley 2006)

Making Kente Cloth #2 - Kumasi Ghana (B. Colley 2006)

For anyone out there who has gone through this stage please share your tips or suggestions!

Peace and blessings!