Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Hair Journey: Your hair is so nappy!

I had an hour long conversation about hair today.  I could talk for hours about hair.  The topic of good vs. bad hair came up.  There is no such thing as bad hair color, bad texture, bad curl pattern, or bad level of kink.   All hair may not be healthy hair - and in my opinion THAT would equal bad hair.  Not the characteristics listed previously. 

Historically, in the black community, our hair identity has been traumatized.  We have been brainwashed to believe that kinky, nappy, curly hair is not good hair.  I must admit, in the last few years the mindset around natural hair has changed dramatically.  When I first converted to natural hair over ten years ago, I got a lot of slack for it.  There were hardly any hair care products on the market that were suitable and so I continued to use the same products I used when my hair was chemically treated.  Now there is a treasure trove of natural hair care products in the marketplace.  From big brands to grass root brands everybody has a piece of the natural hair pie.  For those of you who are already living the natural hair life:  ever experienced negative reactions about your hair?

Ladies, if you have the kinkiest hair on the have the best hair for ANY style.  I'm talking  extreme versatility.  I assure you there are products that will enable you to unlock the potential of your natural tresses. 

My naps

Another question I have is:  why is hair so important to our identity?  Personally, when I am having a bad hair day I feel it in other areas of my day.  It does not matter what I am wearing. It could be a ball gown.   If my hair is not right...I feel weird. 

Hair is a mode of expression.  Whether it's straight, curly, nappy, blond, red, blue, pink, short, long, dreaded, braided, twisted, curled, or finger waved.  How we choose to style our hair expresses our inner being. 

I have to dig deeper into this love affair we have with our hair.  I'm on the prowl for all books/info out there.  If you know of any good information please pass it along!

Embrace your hair, no matter what texture it is!  :)

Peace and blessings!