Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Give Back Phenomenon

Hi Folks -

Are you a giver? Do you give back to your family, community, or environment?

What do you have to share with others around you?  Some people feel like they don't have much to offer, but I assure you if you are still in the land of living you have something to give. Life teaches lessons and provides a skill set that others need to be exposed to in order to facilitate their growth.  That's why the earth is full of people and opportunities for interaction.  Ever heard the saying: "each one teach one"?

Today I assisted a group of young people prepare for the working world in a Work Ready workshop.  We held mock interviews, reviewed resumes and applications and provided resources for resume building and shared information on how to create professional online profiles.  It was amazing to see the skills, gifts and potential these young people carry around with them!

I've helped recruit interns for my job for the last 5 years.  I've led diversity channels, served as a buddy and mentor and participated on the advisory board for the Food Science program I graduated from at Tuskegee University (T.U.!).  At every internship I had, there was someone that had my back and stood by my side as a mentor, friend and helped me navigate through the corporate waters.  Based on my history I've made it a point to give back (what was given to me) in my workplace.
The alumni walkway at Tuskegee University - each stone was a gift

Giving back can come in the form of volunteering at any agency/organization for various reasons: food pantry, youth groups, animal shelters and park clean ups. 

Recycling is a form of giving back.  So is composting.  With composting you take organic waste from your kitchen (banana peels, onion skins, kale stalks, etc.) and put them back into the earth to break down and provide nutrients to the soil.  Giving back to the earth.  You can build a parallel between what composting does to the soil and how we can "compost" and add nutrients to each other's lives.

Organic waste to be composted - nutrients for the soil!!
Anytime you share your a part of your self  you are giving back to something or someone.  The "sharing of yourself" can come in the form of  time, money, knowledge, physical assistance (washing a car, mowing a lawn, helping an elderly person grocery shop, etc.) and a listening ear.

As we start a new week I encourage you to find a way to GIVE BACK.  Remember what was given to you.  Pass on the gift of giving.  Share the love.  If you are overwhelmed in your life and feel like you don't have time for anyone else, do something for others anyway.  I guarantee you will received hours and hours back on your time investment.  Or you can always donate a few dollars to a cause.  Doing good things for others releases the "woe is me" baggage from your psyche.  It's good for your mental heath status.  BELIEVE ME! I AM A WITNESS!

Booker T. Washington monument  - Booker T. lifting the veil of ignorance
Talk to me people! Let me know how you choose to give back!

Peace and blessings!!