Thursday, August 22, 2013

In Pursuit of a Curl Pattern: Kiki's Curly Journey Begins!!

Hi Folks! Today is special on The Natural Journey For Life! My first GUEST POST!! :)
Remember no curl Kiki? Well Kiki has made a life changing decision and wants to share it with us! Keep reading to get the inside scoop!

Kiki's Curl Journey:
On August 20th, I decided to seriously pursue my natural curl pattern! Since I made that choice 24 hours ago (this post was written on 8/21/13), my hair life has been a roller coaster. What a way to start, huh?

Last night, I decided to try the wash and go to see what happens. I washed, conditioned and used a product that has been successful at keeping moisture and curls for some.... I was surprised when the sides and back of my hair curled up. They were not tight curls by any means but they were still curls. The only problem area that I saw was the front "bang area". That hair was as straight as a line! I just kept manipulating, moving, shaping and tucking until that portion was swooped over to one side. My hair had shape, wave like curls and style. I was geeked.... "This will be better than I imagined"... I thought. (roller coaster up)

My hair was mostly dry when I went to bed and I was pleased. However, morning came and things were very different. I woke up to find that all of my curly wisps were straight!!!! My head was a poofy straight mess!!!! Of course, I put on my poofy hat and went about my day. (roller coaster down)

A few hours later, I was determined to get braids. Something quick.... so I went to the African hair shop in the mall and yes, they could give me 6 chunky cornrows. "Great", I thought. Doing this style would give me time to figure out the next step, give my hair a heat break and allow me to look presentable to the world.    90 minutes and $80 later, I was done! Everything seemed good. When I looked in the mirror I was satisfied. (roller coaster up)
Kiki and her chunky cornrows........I'm liking this look!
However, when I got home to document this phase in my pursuit, I did not like what the camera was showing me. This hair style looks horrible on me!  The chunky braids are not chunky or high enough to balance my face. I realized that this is what I would look like if I had did the BIG CHOP. My hair is now flatter than it has EVER been. I am not sure if I look better up close or far away (see pics)! I look like a big headed boy!!! My hair life definitely needs something going on horizontally. (roller coaster down)
Now, as I have been pondering how I can stop looking like a boy, I realize that looking like a boy is not so bad. First of all, I won't be using heat for 30 days. I don't have to worry about what to do with my hair and I have time to plan my next adventure - wet sets. I can make use of my many hats that I enjoy wearing anyway and buy a few more, of course.  I'll save the sparkly one for church and dare anyone to say something to me or look at me funny! LOL!   And the best part is I can get rid of the boy look anytime I want to. Also, my husband is out of town this week. By the time he gets back and makes his "I hate it" comments, I won't care about looking like a boy anymore. LOL! (roller coaster stopped and I'm getting off)
30 Day adventure prep - Wet sets...these are Kiki's supplies......
In closing, that was my Day 1. What I learned is what I always knew. If you're a woman, no matter what hair you have, you must keep a collection of cute coverings - hats, scarfs or wigs - they are the default and can save the day.

Coping skills.....remember if you see Kiki in church wearing the sparkly one (far left)...just turn your head and keep praising the Lord!
The End
This post was written by Kiki on August 21st, 2013
Wow! I feel like I was on a roller coaster too!  I'm proud of Kiki for taking this first step in regaining her curls!!! Whoop Whoop! Thank you for letting us be a part of your curl journey!!!
Any comments or encouragement for Kiki?
Peace and blessings!