Friday, August 30, 2013

Akua's Story: Curl Maintenance...Day by Day...

Hi Folks:  Today we are going to hear from a woman who loves her natural hair, typically wears the wash and go style and needs a little help maintaining her curl pattern between washes.  Here is her story in her own words:
My hair routine is simple.  I wash and go about every two weeks by co-washing.  I wash my hair once a month with shampoo.  Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie is my curl definer.  I use their shampoo and conditioner as well.  I also use Black Jamaican Castor Oil for my scalp and olive oil for overall moisture.  
When my hair was shorter I was able to touch up the curls by spraying it with water and applying the Curl Smoothie.  With my hair being longer it is now taking the wash and go process a little over an hour.  When its short it takes 45 minutes to an hour.  The second week of the wash and go style is usual in an up do (not pictured).  I do puffs with and with out pompadours in the front.  Or other up do styles.  

Wash and go - Day 1

Wash and Go - Day 2
Wash and Go.....Day 4

Curl close up - Day 1
Curl close up - Day 2
Curl close up.....Day 4
Another angle...Day 1
Another angle....Day 2

Another angle....Day 4

I would love to find a product that would keep the frizzes down more.  Which in turn would allow my curls to stay more defined for longer periods of time.  I actually like my hair the best once it is at its maximum puffiness. The curls are soft and I have a lot of body.  I will be cutting my hair shortly so that it is easier to maintain.  I am hoping that the professional stylist will give me some tips on keeping the curls longer.

The end.


Wow! Akua's hair is so different from day to day!  I can definitely see her curls transforming.  I would suggest a curl definer that takes away frizz and maintains the curls longer.  I've been hearing a lot about Eden Body Works - namely the curling pudding soufflĂ©.  I've seen YouTube videos showing VERY defined curls...and that impressed me.  I'm going to give that one a try...I think Akua should too! 

Any product advice for Akua?

Peace and blessings!