Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Get your curl on: Cream, Jelly or Souffle?

 I decided to give Kiki who has totally lost her curl pattern some ideas on how to turn her waves into curls (besides taking a HEAT BREAK).  I went out today on an unrelated errand and ended up in the hair care section of two stores curiously looking for what's new in the "get yo curls together" arena. I felt like a secret shopper...and anxiously waited for a store clerk to reprimand me for taking pictures...but none of that excitement ever happened. 
This week has been a BEAST for me and I have be unmotivated to do anything to my hair except wash it.  I actually tried some curling products that have been sitting in my bathroom for a while to see what would happen.  If your hair is like mine then you may be struggling with taming multiple textures at the same time.  The front and top of my hair has a tendency to be frizzy with less curl.  The sides and back are very curl compliant and are a joy to work with! :)  So far this week I've used: Beautiful Curls, Shea Moisture and Tahlia Waajid to provide my curls some structure.

Curls by shea butter and Tahlia Waajid - love these curls...soft, somewhat defined, cute! Right?? :)

Now here's the skinny on what I found today:  some are all natural, some are made by niche brands and one came from the Dark and Lovely giant.  Since our hair textures are so diverse, I'm not sure which product will work best for you.  I would love to try all of them...but fear I'll waste money in the process.  I'm just going to pick a few and see what happens.  Hopefully these can be useful for Kiki's journey as well.

This was a new brand for me: Curls - Curl Control Paste ($7.99)

Good ole curl activator! I didn't know this was still in production!! ($3.69)

Shea Moisture - Curl & Style Milk (10.99) and Curling gel soufflé ($12.99)

Curls unleashed - Curl Defining Crème and Curl Boosting Jelly ($15.99)

My favorite Taliah Waajid - Curl Sealer (I've never used) and Curly Curl Cream (LOVE IT!) - ($8.29)

Yes...the big brands are in the curly game too! Dark and Lovely - Curl Defining Crème Glaze ($10.69)

Jane Carter - Curl Defining Cream ($18.99)

Here is a remix on the good ole curl activator - Twisted Sista - Curl Activator and Curl Spray ($7.99)

Curls by Shea Moisture

Curls by Shea Moisture - Surprisingly it gave me nice soft curls...this product was out of rotation based on my prior experience with it....I'll be using this product again!!

What curling aide did I forget?  What do you use in your hair???

Peace and blessings!