Sunday, August 18, 2013

Real Hair Transformations

Hi Folks! Tonight I'm going to share with you some real hair transformations! I'm featuring two women named Dianne and Jenny.  Dianne had locs for years and recently chopped them all off!
Jenny is natural and goes back and forth between curly and straight styles.  Check out their lovely looks below: 
Dianne's long locs

Dianne's shorter locs
Dianne's teeny teeny weeny fro...not quite a fade..but close! Wow! What a transformation! This is quite a drastic change.  According to Dianne, she was ready for a change.  The long hair was quite cumbersome to wash and style.

Jenny's curls!

More curls!

The flat ironed look....nice and smooth!

Thanks for sharing your photos ladies!!!! :)

Peace and blessings!