Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Juice Journey - Luscious Lacinto!

Every morning for the past three weeks I’ve consumed juice or a smoothie for breakfast.  Yesterday while trying to throw something together in a jiffy I created something I call the Luscious Lacinto Juice.  Lacinto is a type of kale that is surprisingly void of the usual kale kick.  The leaves are flat and very deeply colored with an amazing green pigment. 

Lacinto Kale
Curly Kale

Kale is a considered a super food packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber and green goodness!!!  It’s sometimes hard for people to eat kale raw or juice it without apples, carrots or anything else that will cut the kick.
For this juice I used the Vita-Mix blender since I  didn’t feel like interacting with the juicers that day.

Here are the ingredients.  Note: I did not measure anything…just kind of improvised.

  • Lacinto kale
  • frozen pineapple
  • tangerines
  • cilantro
  • alkaline water for desired consistency

Luscious Lacinto!
This drink is packed with vitamins A, C, and K, fiber, calcium and protein.  Protein??? Yep! A single cup of kale has 4% of the recommended daily value of protein! I could have added hemp or pumpkin seeds to get a bigger punch of protein. 

Try it! Drink up and drink green!!

Peace and Blessings!!