Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Hair Journey: Tress update

Hi Folks -

My natural tresses are progressing nicely!  I am liking...not loving the wash and go. For a while there I felt like Kunte Kente or a run away slave (relax folks) was hard to get use to my emerging curls! I was rocking that fade!!  Again, this is new territory and I'm embracing it!


Side view....

I mentioned in an earlier post (The Hair Journey) that I've struggled with dandruff/dry scalp/ scalp fungus for years.  Since I've started growing my hair back I've been using aloe to take away the dryness.  It works!!! I use it 2 - 3 times per week.  I've also mixed it with slippery elm bark for extra moisture.

I apply it when my hair is wet and cover it with a shower cap.  I let it dry and style as desired in the morning.

I take the fresh aloe leaf, peel it,  and  blend it to a smooth consistency.  Love it!!!! I've also been using single oils on my hair: jojoba and grape seed.  The aloe moisture mix softens my hair and nourishes my scalp...I feel like I'm doing a commercial! :)

The curls are refined by using Taliah Wajid's curly curl crème.

Aloe + slippery elm moisture mix

Fresh aloe leaf

The good stuff!

The next steps are to:
  1. Consult my barber (who works with all types of natural hair styles and lengths) for more ideas
  2. Meet with a friend who's hair is a similar length to share ideas and products
  3. Keep it growing baby!

More to come!

Peace and blessings!!