Thursday, March 21, 2013

A bunch of papers put together for the Journey......

I'm a reader.  I love to read for relaxation purposes.  My mother read to us from a very early reading is ingrained in my psyche. 

After the birth of my son, I began to read for more than just pleasure. 

Once I was aware of the journey I was on I began to explore every kind of book on health you can imagine.  I've run across some awesome books that I want to share so you can take them along on your journey:

1.  The Science of Black Hair - Audrey Davis -Sivasothy                            

This is an awesome book that breaks down what our hair is actually composed of and how to better care for it by knowing the structure, pH (acid/base), regeneration timeline and chemistry of hair care products.  For instance, did you know that our hair was acidic?  It has a pH of 4.0 - 5.5.  That means it likes products with a similar pH.  Relaxers and colorants are very basic (pH or 10 - 13) and incompatible with our hair.  That's why extra care should be taken to moisturize properly when using chemical treatments...if not you'll have dry, brittle, weak hair. 

Also...all those scalps that were greased back in the day probably did more damage than good.  Our hair has a natural moisturizer (sebum) that wants to do it's thing.  When we grease our scalp with greases filled with chemicals we throw off the natural balance creating scalp issues.  That's what I was doing for years without knowing...I would wash my hair, grease it down..and have itchy dry scalp the next day.  A single oil like olive, almond or jojoba does the job just fine. 

One more thing: the only thing that can truly moisturize our hair (not scalp) is water.  everything else should be used to seal or lock in the moisture.....things to think about.............

2. Digestive Wellness - Elizabeth Lipski Ph.D, CCN, CHN

This book blew my mind...broke down the digestive system in such a simple powerful way that I didn't need to consult a medical journal to follow along.  Gut health is key to having a healthy body (inside and out).  Most of our immune system is in our digestive tract.  If your digestion is off, more than likely you will have a low immune response, fatigue, headaches, skin problems and a host of other ailments you wouldn't think were connected to your digestion.  Most of the remedies she presents for various situations are: eat right (veggies, herbs, fruit, whole grains, organic)! drink right (water, water, and more water)! live right (de-stress, love, laugh)!  Most of us anit living right in one area or another.  I have not read Digestive wellness for Children, but it is next on my list.

3. Going Raw - Judita Wignail

This book was straightforward and had tons of great recipes and methods to employ for those who are starting the raw journey.  I am so excited to try some of these techniques and recipes!  And for those of you who LOVE know who you are...there are tons of ways to satisfy your sweet tooth and not spin your body into the abyss of sweet danger.

More to come!

Peace and blessings!