Thursday, March 28, 2013

Radical Practices

Have you ever felt "weird" about doing something out of the norm? Have you been criticized for stepping outside of the box? What about being criticized for staying in the box??

In the box

For years radical practices have been a topic of conversation and strife between families, institutions and cultures.

Radical practices are necessary when an individual or a community/society have either exhausted all other ways to accomplish their goals or are forward thinkers and naturally think in the "radical" space.  It's like when your back is against the wall...or your arm is stuck tightly between two'll do anything to remove the obstacle or problem.

Stuck...better get radical!

It should be the same way with our health (mental, physical, emotional and spiritual).  We need to think radically about removing obstacles or problems for the betterment of our lives.  End of story. 

If we thought radically about healing our bodies, there would be plenty of things we would not eat, slather on our skin, drink, inhale, and sniff. 

We are literally killing ourselves by what we are putting in and on our bodies. 

When I talk to people about the healing journey we are on with Caleb (the bathing process, what he eats, what nourishes his skin) the feedback is interesting to say the least.  Most people cannot fathom going to the extent that we have to help him heal naturally.  This is radical...out of the box...and "Is it really necessary?" some ask. "Can't you just give him some cortisone for that eczema??" "When is he going to eat "real" food?"....I suppose that means a happy meal from Mc Donald's or a cup of Kool Aid.  "What does he drink for milk?" "Tea??"  "hmmmph".....Radical practices gets people talking boy!

If your children eat Mickee Dee's and drink Kool Aid please don't get upset at my statement.  The point is: Caleb cannot have what most people can. It's not an option.  I am okay with it.  I am thankful for it.  With out his healing journey I would not have been enlightened to the true healing process.  I would not have been exposed to another way...and that way is proven due to how he is now thriving (demonstrated by kissing girls repeatedly at daycare...have MERCY!!).  His journey is helping me grow.

Caleb the kisser...he better stop putting his lips on those girls!! :)

Society helps author what is and is not radical.  Using NAET treatments to eliminate allergies and other conditions is seen as radical to some...soemthing out of the norm.  Just get a allergy shot.  Healing with herbs and eliminating meat from the diet is seen as radical to others.  Don't we need meat for protein?  Just get a prescription at the doctor's office.  Eating raw food is really out the box for most.  You haven't had a meal unless you slave over a hot stove right?  I was thinking about the whole raw food thing today and the thought came to my mind that animals in the wild eat raw food.  They are getting all the nutrients the food has to give, fresh, and unadulterated.  We cook the mess out of ours and loose valuable nutrients in the process.  We are living beings...don't we need living food? Radical practices. 

Giving birth in a tub in your living room with a midwife present....Chile! You better take your behind to the hospital and get out that tub!

Baby Birthing Tub!

Personally, I struggle with negative thoughts ruling my mind.  I have to fill my mind with the Word of God in order to overcome this.  "Why she always reading her Bible? She's a fanatic." But the Word is the only thing keeping my negative thoughts at bay because they are replaced with promises and encouragement  from the Most High.  Radical practices.

Chiropractic medicine, Acupuncture,  Homeopathic medicine are all considered radical practices.  Our bodies are not one sided.  There is no "one side" to optimal health.  Conventional vs. Alternative?  or Conventional AND Alternative?  It should depend on what the situation calls for.

Radical behaviors have changed this world for the better and also made it worse:  Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela, Joe Clark (Lean on Me - people),  Fidel Castro, the practice of slavery, Nazism, and the list can go on. 

Nelson Mandela 

The normal way of doing things (business as usual) is killing us.  Obesity, high blood pressure, mental health issues, diabetes, food allergies in children and respiratory problems in children are all on the rise.  In order to quell the tide of poor health, we have to turn to radical practices.  Enough is enough.  We must fight for our health.  I encourage you to think outside the box when it comes to areas in life you KNOW you need to do better in. 

Replace the Fruit Loops with Chia....Try aromatherapy with essential oils instead of popping that Excedrin for a headache.  Drink a smoothie for breakfast as opposed to eating bacon and eggs.   Love the un-lovable....which is the most radical practice of all from where I sit. 

I  have a long way to go.  Sometimes I feel "weird" because I've chosen non conventional means to reach my goals.  Not weird enough to revert back because I know its a better way.  But it makes me think about how far we are from the basics.  God gave us every seed bearing plant and tree with fruit to be our food (Genesis 1:29).  Basic.

I have to teach Caleb that he is not weird or strange, because kids can be cruel. He has to be empowered to take a stand for his health.  Just like the three Hebrew boys in the Old Testament who didn't eat the king's food and were smarter and stronger and appeared more nourished than the others (Daniel 1:3 - 21).  Radical practices.

Think about it. Open your minds with the heart of truth and really think about the areas you need help with.  Then determine how far you are willing to go for sustained relief....not just short lived or temporary relief. This journey is making me go full throttle.  My arm, leg, left ear and right pinky toe are all tightly stuck between two boulders.

I've been called worst things than a radical so onward I press. 

Join me! Tell me what you think of radical practices!

Peace, love and blessings!!

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