Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Artistic Journey

Art is in the eye of the comes in the form of paintings, culinary arts, wood work, drawings sculptures, architecture, needlework, origami, dance, poetry and photography to name a few.

I dabble in drawing and tried my hand at painting a few years back.  I consider myself a creative being who loves the colors and shapes and textures God put on this earth.

Lately I've gotten into what I call tapestry art....I'm not sure what the technical artsy name is for it...but here are a few of my most recent pieces:

This work of art is called Caleb - one of God's wonderful creations...I'm just the steward. :)

Orange Juice

Sand and Sky

 Falling Earth #1

Falling Earth #2

Simple for HIM

Simple for HER

Next? I'm not sure.... I have more ideas for my tapestries and it's also therapeutic...

What are you creative at?  Writing, crafts, cooking? Think about it...find it...excel at it!

More to come!

Peace and blessings!