Monday, June 17, 2013

The Hair Journey: Tress Update #4

Hi Folks!

Since my hair is growing nicely I've decided to begin to explore various hair styles.

The Flo Fro is back with a vengeance and a bit of a twist.  I've been picking it out and patting it into  a nice smooth halo. (I actually wore it like this to work the other day).

Then I decided to add some side twists to mimic a I'm rocking the faux-hawk now.
I'm not quite sold on the faux - hawk.  I think I have a bit more styling to do around making sure the profile is just the way I like it, but I appreciate the variety it gives me.

Based on my dry scalp issues (The Hair Journey: Dry Scalp Woes) I've been diligently applying apple cider vinegar (ACV) and tea tree oil (cut with jojoba oil) to my scalp.  It's been a week and so far so good.  My scalp is not itchy, flaky or dry!  I've also been using a mixture of fresh aloe and water to help moisturize my growing tresses.  It's definitely cheaper to treat my hair to the natural, fresh goodies as opposed to products that run $8 - $14 (or more) a bottle.  One aloe leaf costs approximately $2, and  a big bottle of ACV (unfiltered) is around $3.99.  Both last a really long time!!
You have to be careful with the aloe, because it can get flaky and leave white pieces in your hair after it dries.  Be sure to wash it out fully or cut it with water to eliminate the flakes (if using it as a leave in).
I've also noted how dry my hair I've been spritzing with aloe and water, putting  a shower cap on and sealing the moisture in with shea butter.  So far so good!
Today someone surveyed my faux-hawk curiously, then suggested I cut my hair into a fade and dye it blond.........NO THANK YOU! :)  On the other end of the spectrum, I received compliments on my new look.   When I cut my hair some folks got that I'm growing it back they don't like it either! Sheesh!
There will always be an opinion out there...but the one that really matters is MINE! And the hubby's....but my opinion still trumps his! It's my hair after all!  :)
What do you think about my shapely Flo Fro and faux-hawk??
Peace and blessings!