Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Hair Journey: The Summer "go to" Style

Hi Folks!

Summer time is officially here! The heat, humidity, that wonderful energy from the bright sun rays shining on my skin! I LOVE IT!

Summer is my favorite season and  I've landed on a hair style that allows me to have a bit of variety and facilitates easy moisturizing and cleaning.  It's the side swoop faux-hawk....I posted on the braided mo-hawk and  the side flat twisted faux-hawk but this variation is more eye-catching and gives me the variety that I need. I'm still playing around with different twisting patterns, but I'm loving the do. I twist the sides then pick and pat the flo fro that's left out.  The right side is twisted vertically up to the sky and the left side is twisted horizontally - parallel to my ears.  It takes 5 - 8 minutes!

Vertical (sky) twists

Front view

Horizontal (ear) twists

Is there a summer "go to" style that you love??

Peace and blessings!

Happy Summer!!!