Monday, July 1, 2013

The RAW FOOD Challenge is OVER: 13 Lessons for Journey

Hi Folks -  The 30 Day Raw Food Challenge is Over!

Picture me doing the happy dance (what ever happy dance you do....that's what I'm!)

How do I feel?
I feel great.  I was relieved when the last day ended.  I feel from the bondage of Raw Food Land. But you know, 30 days is a long time, and I have formed some eating habits that will ensure a healthier food experience for me as this Journey progresses.  Physically: I feel stronger, I'm leaner (I lost about 5 to 6 pounds), and my skin has cleared up.  Emotionally: I have a better resolve to keep my reactions in tact when the going gets rough.  Mentally: I feel the same, but I know I have more self control.  All the expectations I had at the beginning were met 100% (30 Day Challenge Part 1). I have more energy, lost some jiggle, and cleaned up my system.

Lessons learned:
1. I CAN control my cravings.  I can exhibit self control and abstain from eating junk food when necessary - which should be ALWAYS (The Food Journey: Cravings!).

2. I have expanded my culinary repertoire. There are many items that I would not have combined in the past that I combined during this challenge.  Now I feel more empowered in the kitchen to NOT have to turn on the stove to have a great meal.

3. I maintained my duathalon training over the 30 days.  I supplemented with more protein and calories where necessary to keep me going.  The myth that you NEED meat or animal protein to get stronger and have a good exercise life is not true (for me).  Did you know Serena Williams (the tennis star)  is a VEGAN?

4. I can control my emotions. 

5. I didn't have very good eating habits at night or when stress hits.  I am a true blue snacker.  I love to munch.  During this challenge I munched on food that was GOOD for me...and I was satisfied. 

6. I CAN make better food choices (especially when it comes to snacking).

7. I CAN withstand peer-pressure.  When faced with French fries, Jamaican food or nay sayers I stayed on the raw food path.

8.  I CAN STAY COMMITTED to anything I decide to commit to.  This lesson, is going to be applied to ALL areas of my life. I could have given up...even when I broke rank and ate those potato chips and veggie burgers (Rebellion in Raw Food Land), I got back on the wagon and finished strong.

9.  Everyone reacts to detoxification differently.  There were 19 people doing the challenge.  All had a different experience. I'm now more aware of my body...and the changes it goes through.  We have a better "connection" now.

10. Detoxification is not just physical.  It's mental, emotional and spiritual and something that everyone should do at least one time.

11. Alternatives to the Standard American Diet (SAD) exist but you MUST think outside the box to find things that taste REALLY good!

12.  I can make it through tough challenges! I am WOMAN hear me ROAR!

13.  Everything in life is a choice. Getting married...staying married.  Eating the right food...or eating junk.  Making exercise a routine... or living a sedentary lifestyle.  Losing control and letting anger reign....or staying calm and being mature (no matter what the situation).  Being patient with a toddler....or feeling overwhelmed.  We have the ability to make the right choices concerning our health.  Your health is your command!

In summary:
The bottom line is that: I have to take control and RESPONSIBILITY for the choices I make on this Journey.  I feel good.  I feel accomplished.  I feel proud.  I'm thankful.  I feel empowered. I am awesome for making it though!

I recommend that you find a way to clean up your system.  Challenge yourself to grow, learn, and expand.  You will not regret it in spite of the hard times that will arise.  Push through until you reach the finish line. 

Since I started the 30 day challenge, my mom did 7 days of raw food and a close friend did 3 days of juicing (Detox by Juicing). Now I have two more friends that want to do the 30 day raw food challenge.

YOU CAN DO IT TOO! Start with a week, or 3 days.  See how you feel! Go for it!

Contact me if I can be of help! I would love to share more about what I've been though these last 30 days.  I also have a ton of raw food recipes to share!

Yaaay!!!! MOMMY DID IT!!! :)

One more thing: I want to give a BIG THANK YOU to Herbal Bush House for running this program and providing a wonderful meal plan for the entire 30 days!

Peace and blessings!