Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Juice Journey: Citrus Kale Juice

Hey Ya'll!  The sniffles are back in our house! It's not me this time!! Thank God! :)

So I whipped up some powerful living juice to help fight the virus that has invaded our home.  It's a very simple recipe and it took 15 minutes to make. 

Citrus Kale Juice:
4 cups baby Russian kale (CSA treasure)
6 oranges
2 grapefruit

Citrus Kale Juice ingredients: baby Russian kale, oranges, grapefruit and lemon

I juiced the citrus components by hand, strained the juice to remove all pulp.  I used our Omega juicer for the kale.  What I've noticed is that the Jack O Lane juicer does not handle leafy greens very well.  So I stick with the Omega for leafy greens. I strained the kale juice and combined it with the citrus blend. 

Also note that the difference between a juice and a smoothie is that pure juice has most of the fibrous components of the fruit/vegetable removed (thus the reason for straining after putting the ingredients through the juicer).  Smoothies contain fiber and are made by putting everything into a blender a creating a puree of sorts. Juicing is good when you are detoxing or trying to heal a sickness.  Because all the fiber is removed the nutrients will go to your blood stream much faster.  Juicing also gives your digestive system a rest.

Yummy!  And so good for your immune system!

Try it and tell me what you think.

Peace and blessings!