Monday, December 30, 2013

Orange Pineapple Ginger (OPG) Juice

My juicer is still whirring away folks!  Not only is this juice DELICIOUS it's super healthy and will fuel many systems in your body all at once. With only three simple, common ingredients this juice will keep you alert, glowing and free of belly aches! Initally, I thought oranges were just good for the vitamin C boost and the main benefit of eating pineapple was the enzyme bromelin that breaks down proteins....but boy was I WRONG! Check out characteristics I didn't know about these juice ingredeints. 

Oranges** -
1 - Contain high amounts of provitamin A,  vitamin B1 and B2
2 - Contain 170 known phytochemicals
3 - Can help prevent retina degeneration due to the carotenoid content

**IT'S BETTER TO EAT A WHOLE ORANGE INSTEAD OF POPPING A VITAMIN C PILL.  I put that in caps, becasuse when we consume whole food we get so many other benefits than when we take isolated, synthetic supplements.  The whole food nourishes the whole body.  A supplement will only effect ONE part of your system in an incomplete way.

Pineapple -  
1 - Prevalent vitamins are C, B1, B6 and folates
2 - Weight loss aide - consume before eating to help reduce appetite
3 - Can fight sterility due to it's high manganese content that helps form reproductive cells (in males and females)

Ginger -
1 - Good for easing symptoms of diarrhea
2 - Can reduce inflammation
3 - Can relieve gas pains

OPG Juice Recipe:
1 ripe, fresh pineapple
4 - 7 oranges
2 inches of fresh ginger root (or less if you don't like it so spicy)

Here is how I made the OPG juice:

Step 1 - Gather all ingredients
Step 2 - Remove the skins and chop everything up in preparation for the juicer

Step 3 - Juice all ingredients (I'm using a centrifugal juicer).  Try to alternate between soft and hard ingredients.

Step 4 - Strain the finished juice with standard strainer (not pictured...I forgot to take a picture!)

Step 5 - ENJOY!

This juice is also great for the cold season.  I think by far, this is my favorite juice. Drink up and drink often! 

Peace and love!