Sunday, December 22, 2013

Confessions of a Naturalista

Hi Folks!  I consider my self a "Naturalista".  Not just because of how I wear my hair (which is what the term is mostly used for), but because of my personal philosophy on what living a natural life means.  I hope you all know by now that I am very transparent.  I wear my heart on my sleeve and it's hard for me to hide anything.  I'm a very bad liar.  Not very good at pulling the wool over people's eyes.  Which leads me to my confession.

My confession:
I have been living a double life.  My life is split 50/50 between eating healthy good food.....and eating junk! Ever since Thanksgiving I've been lacking my normal "food filter".  All that darn blueberry cobbler I made for Thanksgiving desensitized me.  Now I will say that I was a beacon of healthy food for my family - making stir fry , soup, fresh juice, smoothies and chia porridge during the entire vacation.  I even helped my mother combat a cold she got while I was visiting with herbs, food and juice.  I gave food advice and taught my sister to fix Caleb's seed milk in hopes that she would make some for her own children.  But that darn blueberry cobbler got me!

Darn Blueberry Cobbler!

50% of what I eat is good for me:
The thing is: every morning I start off REALLY WELL!  I consume: smoothies, fresh juice, oatmeal, etc.  By the time noon hits I find myself munching on something really sweet and naughty!  Not only that, but as my food filter gets clogged, my exercise filter has just stopped working all together!  What I haven't posted about recently was that in November I sprained my ankle and could not exercise.  Because of babying my ankle I've relaxed about getting my work outs in.  And I feel like a creaky old Ford that needs a tune up.....and an oil change.

I was doing so well in November with the Detox for a Diva program and my liver cleanse that got derailed because I caught a 2 week cold.

Mr. Foolery:
I've still been eating my CSA veggies, and vegan meals (as posted).....I've just been following them up with what I like to call: TOM FOOLERY.  And having something sweet displayed on festive holiday platters calling my name loudly every where I go does not help!  I can hear the sweets now: "Zahra!? Zaaaaahraaaaaaa! Over here!! Come get a little taste...Just a pinch! It won't hurt." It's a snowball effect. Loss of self control in one area of life trickles into other areas.

The combination of too many sweets and no exercise despite the healthy food has not been good.  My pants are getting tight, and I'm noticing a belly bulge! It's not just about looking good either.  I don't feel good when I eat all that junk!  I hate to be so cliche and talk about New Year's Resolutions: but I'm changing my 50/50 ways for the new year.  After knowing what it feels like to have endless energy and self control I feel hypocritical about my food choices recently.  I've succumbed to the holiday pitfalls most of us experience.  Moderation is fine...but I've exceeded that principle! It's like I've been cheating on nourishing food for disease causing crap.

Okay! Now that I've exposed myself who is still with me? The fact that I know better means I MUST do better.  Pitfalls are a part of the journey.  What we eat can heal us or kill us.  It's time to put down the sweets and get myself together. Can anyone relate to my tales of woe?

Coming up for 2014:
1. Liver cleanse (FINALLY!)
2. Exercise 3-4 times a week
3. Food filter overhaul
4. Self control tune up

What are your health and wellness goals for the new year??

Peace and blessings!