Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Daniel Fast.....It's time to pull myself together!

Hi Folks...it's been awhile since I've posted anything.  My life has been an utter and complete roller coaster of sleepless nights, challenging work projects and deadlines, toddler behavioral "fun", bouts of all night eczema parties...allergic skin reactions........and Doritos and Ben and Jerry's (have mercy!!). 

So to help put things into perspective and clear my mind, body and soul I've decided to do the Daniel Fast.  It's a 21 day fast that consists of eating vegetables, legumes, grains, fruits and water.  No sugar, processed foods, meat, dairy, juice or leavened breads.

Daniel, a biblical character upon being captured by the Babylonians and brought into the King's service refused to eat the food that was offered (the King's meat and wine).  Instead Daniel and his friends requested to eat only vegetables (think vegan diet) and drink water.  After 10 days, they were proven to look more nourished than the young men that consumed the King's food.

After some friends told me about it, I bought the book to learn more about it.  After reading the first few pages I knew it was something I had to do. I like doing these "programs" or "challenges" because it drives and motivates me to accomplish a goal.  It's going to be tough because of my philandering ways.  I envision the 21 days to be like a detox program, with spiritual enlightening and faith building. 

I'm on day #2 and can already feel the detox symptoms coming on.  I'm no stranger to detox challenges.  After the dry brushing...and 30 Day Raw Challenge and Detox for a Diva, I feel almost like a pro.  This Daniel Fast will be different from the others.  The purposeful seeking to gain clarity and deliverance from my deepest darkest ailments are in the forefront of this program.  I'm game and definitely in need. Because our mind, body and soul are connected there is no way to clean one and not the other.  The other "challenges" provided enlightenment and mental strength and fortitude too, but I considered those to be secondary to the primary goal of strengthening my physical health.  Welp.....I'm forecasting this one to be a humdinger and a much different experience.

Here is what I hope to gain:
1 - mental clarity on how to reach my life goal (personally and professionally)
2 - deliverance from spiritual bondage
3 - improvements in time management (personally and professionally)
4 - weight loss (loose the Dorito jiggle).
5 - emotional healing for me and physical healing for Caleb

Whew! Deep stuff guys!

Has anyone out there tried and accomplished the Daniel Fast? 

Peace and love!