Tuesday, February 18, 2014

More snacking on the Daniel Fast: HUMMUS!

Hi Folks!  This Daniel Fast has taken me on a journey that I did not expect.  One of the foods that I've been consuming the most is HUMMUS!  I've always loved this wonderfully nutritious dip, but could never make it pleasing enough to my palate.  Well....I've mastered the recipe and have even remixed it into a smoked out spicy version!

Chickpeas are the base of this amazing food. I think they are the most versatile legume (besides the soybean). 

Today I'm sharing the standard recipe that can be remixed to yield multiple flavors.

Classic Hummus:
2 cups of chick peas (freshly soaked and boiled)
3-5 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice
2 tablespoons of sesame tahini
salt (to taste)
fresh garlic cloves (to taste)

Here's how I made it:

Step 1 - Gather all ingredients. Note the chickpeas have been soaked and boiled. 

Step 2 - Blend all ingredients.  Add enough water to keep the blender going.  I actually prefer a food processor over a blender.  I can reach the desired consistency easier.

All ingredients put into the blender

Step 3 - Enjoy!!!
Finished product on red bell peppers with garnished with paprika

Add cilantro, cayenne pepper or chitpotle seasoning to spice it up!  I've been eating hummus EVERYDAY! LOVE IT! It fills me up with out the guilt!

What are your favorite hummus recipes?  I would love to expand my hummus repertoire.

Peace and love!