Friday, October 18, 2013

Detoxification: Liver, Onions and Divas!

Hi Folks!

It's time for another detox experience.  This year I did a dry brush and a raw food detox.  Both left me in good shape.  I was sharper, leaner, stronger, softer (skin wise) and focused. 

One of the things I've been wanting to do is a liver cleanse/detox.  The liver is the powerhouse of our bodies.  It helps our digestive system, filters out toxins and secrets hormones that we need to keep living.  It often gets overlooked and ignored, but without it we would not be alive. 

So...I want to give my liver a BIG hug and KISS!

The Power House

To do this I will be drinking teas and cleaning up my diet.  This liver cleanse is sponsored by Herbal Bush House.  I have coupled this liver detox with another program called Detox For a Diva  sponsored by Soul Food Therapy

The Liver Cleanse:
The liver cleanse I'm doing consists of 4 weeks of preparation.  The prep work consists of  drinking a series of teas, taking a product called Gut Buster Pro and cleaning up my diet.  This is where Detox for a Diva comes in.  The recipes provided are nutritious and most of all DELICIOUS!

After 4 weeks of prep the 5th week will consist of all raw food (including juices, smoothies and fasting).

Detox For a Diva:
To help me get ready for the 5th week of the liver cleanse, I've been a part of the Detox for a Diva program.  Along with the great recipes/food, the regimen consists of dry brushing, drinking lemon water every morning, and taking nice cleansing baths.  So far I'm behind the rest of the ladies but I'm hanging in there! 

I'm also doing well with drinking my teas.  I've just completed week #1.

More to come!!!  Mr. Detox and I have gotten reacquainted! Whew! I was on a slippery sweet, salty slope these last few weeks.  Time to put on my big girl panties and get it together!! :)

I will say it did not take me long to get in swing of both programs (Liver cleanse and Detox For a Diva) due the progress in self control and commitment I've made by finishing the raw food detox challenge (Raw Food Diet is Over!).  Plus...I LOVE doing the right thing for my health.  It supersedes any cravings for munchkins  I may get! :)

Stay tuned.........

Peace and blessings!