Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Food Journey: Pleasant Plantain Chips

Hi Folks -

Since I am in detox mode I have to find snacks that will satisfy my snackaholic ways and nourish my body.  Plus, Caleb cannot eat processed/packaged foods and the little guy loves to snack too (wonder where that trait came from!).  So I made some raw plantain chips.  You can usually find this snack food in a bodega or corner store.  It's usually fried in vegetable oil and seasoned with salt.  My rendition is similar except no hot oil touched these plantains...I used the dehydrator!

This snack is EXTREMELY simple to make.  I thinly sliced one ripe plantain, put the slices on the dehydrator tray, set the temperature to 135F, sprinkled salt and coconut oil on the plantain slices and let it dehydrate for about 18 hours.

Chip preparation (thinly sliced plantain, pink Himalayan salt, touch of coconut oil (not shown))

Plantain slices on dehydrator tray

Nesco dehydrator (set to 135 F)

Final result! Pleasant Plantain Chips!
Plantains are naturally very sweet and once in dehydrated form they were even sweeter! However...I think 18 hours was a little too long.  The chips were really hard, but so tasty.  For the next batch I make I will decrease the drying time, add more salt and cut the slices a wee bit thinner. 

If you don't have a dehydrator try doing this in an oven with very low heat.

FYI...This snack is Caleb approved! :) He had a hard time biting them at first...but he adjusted and tore up those chips!

Any suggestions for other healthy snacks I can make?

Peace and blessings!