Monday, June 2, 2014

The Juice Journey: Summer Hydration Juice

Hi folks!  I’m back with another amazing juice recipe.  My juicer has slowed down just a wee bit, as I have been trying to rest up after weeks of all night eczema parties (I’ll fill you in later).  I came up with this recipe last week and it was delicious!  It’s great for the summer time, and can even be made into an icee! 

I’m calling it: Summer Hydration Juice.  I used three ingredients – watermelon, cucumber and pineapple.
Juice ingredients: watermelon, cucumber, and pineapple
Watermelon and cucumber contain more than 96% water.  Both aslo contain tons of minerals and vitamins that feed your cells and keep you hydrated.  Of course, nothing can replace pure water, but I guarantee your body will feel more refreshed after drinking this juice over the chemical laden energy/hydration beverages. 

Melons in general have an excellent cleansing effect.  They alkalize the body and will hydrate you after a long run or day in the sun better than a sports drink.  My mother always raves about how much energy she received from eating watermelon after a long day working on their farm (in the Dirty South). 

Here are some other facts about watermelon:

1.  It can remove toxins from the blood.

2.  It should be eaten between meals - not right after because the water content can affect digestion.

3.  It can be tolerated well by diabetics due to its low sugar content (but it tastes so sweet!).

4.  It can help fight urinary conditions such as kidney stones.

5.  Eating watermelon is a good way to lose weight.  It fills you up and satisfies cravings for sweets.

Here are some key facts about the cucumber:

1. Relieves Joint pain (due to the silica content which helps strengthen connective tissue)

2. Reduces baggy eyes

3. Relives arthritic pain (due to its vitamin and mineral content)

4. Stimulates hair growth (due to the sulphur and silica content)

5. Keeps you cool (due to the high water content)

And last but not least the succulent pineapple! Here’s why it has become a staple in my home:  

1 - Prevalent vitamins are C, B1, B6 and folates

2 - Weight loss aide – if you consumer it before eating it will help to reduce your appetite

3 - Can fight sterility due to its high manganese content that helps form reproductive cells (in males and females)

4 – Contains bromelin (an enzyme that loves protein).

Here is the recipe:


You can go wrong with this juice!!! Juice up!!!


What is your  favorite way to stay hydrated in the summer time?