Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Flo Fro is EXPANDING!

Hi Folks!

My Flo Fro is getting bigger...and bigger....and I AM LOVING IT! :) I'm not ready to rock the Flo Fro at work.......but on the weekends it's on and popping! What you will see in this post is the freshly washed, buttered while damp (using plain shea butter) and, picked shaping went down at this point.  I wanted to show you the raw unrefined version. :)

Side view...It's getting harder to pick it out evenly....note the dip at the top :)

Front view....oooo's so soft!

Raw and ready...

Another side view....
I wore my remixed faux hawk style today which took 15 minutes to complete. 

Check out my hair page for more photos of growth!

Peace and blessings!