Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Curly Custard Review: Wet, Fluffy and Wierd.....

Hi Folks!

The wash and go is an easy style to master......except when your curl enhancing product of choice does not get along with your hair.  I decided to try a  new curl enhancer a few weeks ago.  I liked the curl pattern it gave me, but not the texture, and it took over 24 hours to dry.  So I decided to try it again...and give it a fair shot. 

The Kinky Curly brand has a curling custard that I've spent some time with.  The bottom line is this:  I DO NOT LIKE IT.  I really don't think it's for my type of hair.

Last week when I used it, I didn't apply enough, so my hair was a frizzy, Django unchained mess.  It took up to 9 hours to dry and I felt like people were looking at me thinking:  "Now you know she don't have friends walking around here like that.....Nobody told her that head was a mess?" 

I didn't document my Django experience with photos, but the hubby did ask:  "what's going on with that?!"  I had to agree that I looked a fright, but I didn't have time to fix it...duty called! So I spent the day looking crazy!

Today I decided to give it one more try.....Here is the result:

3 hours after hair is very goopy and slimy

No...those are not beads of dew peppering my's the curly custard that is hanging out.  Observe the fluffy nature of my hair...not cute.  Not feeling cute right now...

Yuck! Too much goop!

6 hours after application....Feeling like I have on a helmet....or that I belong in the cast of Fraggle Rock.

Note the curly custard droplets....still good and fluffy....

This is going to be a long day..........
12 hours hair is still wet, but the volume is actually decreasing.  The curls are more firm and tight.

The goopy texture is STILL there...and no... those shiny spots are not dew's still custard.

The curl pattern HAS improved...but now it's time to retire for the I spent the day looking like Fraggle Rock and now the curls want to get cute.

I'm not pleased with this product....too goopy, sticky and tacky to the touch takes too long to's definitely not for me.

This custard is not for me. I'm sure it works well for other folks...but I'ma have to put this one on the shelf.  If I use it again it will be for a twist out.  I've seen YouTube videos where this product was used for adding rigidity to twist outs. This product may be PERFECT for you....but I've tried it three times and the wash and go style is definitely OUT for me.  The funny thing is that I got two compliments on my hair today............I was stunned.  To me I looked a hot mess.....but beauty is in the of the beholder.......

Time to explore other options! Stay tuned!
Let me know what your experience has been with this product. I would love to see pictures and hear back from you!
Peace and blessings!