Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Head Wrap Demonstration!!!

Hi Folks! I'm so excited tonight because I made and posted my first video!

I promised to show  how I fashion my head wraps earlier this here it goes!  Tonight I've focused on two styles: the head band wrap and the side turban. Check it out at the following link!
Unfortunately Blogger is having issues posting videos tonight...but I know you guys are on YouTube all the time so clicking the link is no biggie! :)

PLUS:  I wanted to show my cute curls from today! It's yet ANOTHER variation of the faux hawk.....gotta keep it fresh!! The curls are by Motions (Naturally You Curling Pudding - picture not shown).  Note how much the curls are drawn in.  I actually molded the fro to give more texture.  Loved this look today! :)

Loving the curls today!!! :)

Enjoy! More to come!

Peace and blessings!