Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Detoxificaiton: Liver and Onions - The Aftermath

Hi Folks! The liver flush is OVER!! Now, one of the first questions I had once the program was over was: “how do I know that my liver is really clean?”  I followed the prescription, but everyone has a different body and level of toxicity.  Should I have gone one more week?  I didn’t know my toxicity level prior to starting the flush.  I know I was pigging out on junk food and stressed out to the max so I’m certain some toxins were removed.  Since I’ve never done a liver flush in my thirty-something years on this earth, I know the last 5 weeks must have done my liver some good. 

Well I didn’t continue the flush.  I began to eat cooked food the evening of the last day (three spoonfuls).  But I stayed away from dairy products. 

Here’s what happened in the aftermath
1 – I didn’t feel any different physically

2 – My headaches came back – so I think I’ve acquired seasonal allergies

3 – I loss inches around my hip and belly area – I could wear my size 6 slacks again!

4 – No more bloating
I dropped inches and got rid of bloating
  5 - The anger dissipated
The anger is gone...
6 –  Brain Fog - two days later I went to a tea party and over indulged on sandwiches and quiche…….I went into the worst brain fog coma ever and was in bed knocked out cold by 7:45pm, woke up the next morning and ate VERY light.   I had no desire to eat ANYTHING heavy or cooked.  This is similar to what I experienced after the 30 day Raw Food challenge.  I had to revert back to 80% raw for about 1 week after the 30 days was over.  Cooked food made me feel heavy and sick.
Brain fog...it was terrible!

These sandwiches were dangerous.......sorry liver! I went too far!
 7 – No junk food cravings!
No thanks! Pass the pineapple please!!!
Next steps:

1 – Continue to refrain from eating dairy products and bread

2 -  Continue to juice and make smoothies

3 – Continue to drink more (water, herbal tea, water, water) and eat less! It makes a difference!

4 – Plan for the next liver flush in 6 months or so

5 – Join some fiends on a juice fast/juice challenge

6 – Continue to take hot bubble baths 2 -3 times a week
7 -  Monitor  what I but in an on my body.  We get toxins from house hold cleaning agents, lotions, pharmaceutical drugs and food.  I'm going to be more aware of what's going in an on my body.

Thanks for keeping up with me on the flush!!! Stay tuned for more!
Peace and love!