Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Natural Pain Relief!

Hi Folks - I had a terrible experience at the dentist last week that I'm still suffering from. I ended up in a lot of pain and since I am in the process of flushing my liver, I didn't want to take any pain medication that my liver would have to process.  So I was advised to do two things: 1) take white willow bark tea and tincture and 2) place cloves and clove oil on the affected area. 

I was seriously on the verge of popping some pills, but I took a leap of faith and tried  the natural home remedies that were suggested.  Needless to say both applications worked extremely well and I now have two more natural remedies in my treasure chest. 

Let's talk about why these two plants sources (white willow bark and cloves) helped relieve my excruciating pain. 

White Willow Bark: 
  1.  The bark from the willow tree  is actually  used to make medicine. The active ingredient in aspirin (acetyl salicylic acid), is derived from white willow bark.   The bark  is used to relieve pain from headaches, muscle aches, menstrual cramps, arthritis, and gout. 
  2. Historically, willow bark was commonly used during the time of Hippocrates and people chewed on the bark to reduce fever and pain
White willow bark

How I used White Willow Bark: 
  • I steeped the bark in hot water and drank as a tea (no sweetener) for three days.  The tea was devoid of any taste (which I prefer over extremely bitter teas). It was like drinking warm water. 
  • After the third day, I added the white willow bark tincture in my herbal tea
White willow bark tea
  1. Cloves are the flower bud of a tree and are native to Indonesia
  2. Cloves are used in various types of healing practices such as: Indian Ayruvedic medicine, Chinese medicine, and herbalism and dentistry where the essential oil is used as a painkiller for dental emergencies. 
  3. It's an aromatic spice that is used in many types of cuisines.

Clove buds
How I used Cloves
  • The first day I actually put 5 clove buds in my mouth where the pain was coming from. I kept them in ALL NIGH LONG.  Within 30 minutes the pain was gone. No joke!
  • The next day along with taking the white willow bark tea, I applied the clove oil to the affected area using a cotton swab.  Initially, the oil burned but in about 15 seconds the burning sensation dissipated and I was left pain free. 
Clove oil
Cotton swabs used to apply clove oil

I am a true believer and witness to the healing power of willow bark and cloves.  If you have a dental emergency and are in pain don't hesitate to go back to the dentist to get retreated as necessary. I am not suggesting that you should not get rechecked if your soul leads you to that conclusion. 

 Honestly, I was a bit perturbed at the pain I should not have been in based on the procedure that was done. So I WAS NOT willing to go back to the dentist for ANY treatment. I still have pain, but my natural remedies are working.  If you have even minor aches and pains, try white willow bark.  You can contact Herbal Bush House for the tincture or go online for the tea or powdered versions.  If you are suffering from dental pain, try the cloves. You can find clove buds in any nearby grocery store and the essential oil in most health food stores. 

I'm more and more convinced everyday that nature can meet all of our needs! 

Please let me know what your experience is if you're brave enough to suck on some cloves!!!

Peace and love!